How to Make Your Neighbors Move (10 Legal Ways)

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How to make your neighbors move:

  • Complain to the facility managers
  • Talk to the landlord
  • Involve the police
  • Get other neighbors to join the fight
  • Report to the HOA
  • File a class-action lawsuit
  • Expose the neighbor
  • Get some scary dogs
  • Buy the property the neighbor’s lives in

Living in an environment where you can have people around you as neighbors is a good thing because no man is an island and no one can isolate himself or herself without having people around them.

Despite your location, there must be one or two persons in the same neighborhood that you can talk to and relate with on daily basis. But it would be another challenging factor to stay in a toxic neighborhood where you would not have rest of mind, or get the peace you desire.

Unhealthy neighbors or toxic neighborhoods is seriously a challenging factor and it can happen to anyone depending on where you live. So, the earlier you learn how to protect yourself from bad neighbors, the better for you.

Therefore, in this article, we will be explaining the legal ways how to make your neighbors move.

Can I Make My Neighbors Move?

Yes, you can make your neighbors move and this can be done in so many ways and with so many processes.

Your actions alone can annoy them. In the process of the annoyance, they can get frustrated be forced to move because you may have made the environment and the neighborhood so uncomfortable and uninhabitable for them.

It is self-will and self-determination from you. But it is important to note that this can involve lots of drama, issues, and commotions between you and your neighbors, and it can at a process involve some legal sanctions if care is not taken.

That is why it is important to have a careful look at your environment, what can go against the law, what can be easily adopted as a strategy, and what you should not think of doing in order not to land yourself in serious problems in the process of trying to successfully make your neighbors move.

How to Make Your Neighbors Move

These are legally acceptable ways to make your neighbors move:

1. Complain to the Facility Managers

This is the first step to take if you have some kind of nasty and troublesome neighbors in your apartment. You must have to reach out to the facility managers first and lay a formal complaint to them.

This is because they are the ones you reach out to on daily basis and the ones that are supposed to handle any form of issue that emanates from the apartment.

2. Take it up to the Landlord

If you have taken the first step and it seems nothing is happening or you think your facility managers are not capable of solving this particular issue, the next step to take is to report directly to your Landlord.

While reporting to your landlord, it is important that you have evidence and proof of whatever you are accusing your neighbors of to back up your claim so the landlord doesn’t think you are reporting to him out of envy or jealousy.

3. Call the Police

Another good way to legally make your neighbors move is by consistently calling and reporting such issues and cases to the police. This is the right thing to do. The police would take it up from you and take it a step further to higher authorities as the case may be.

4. Get Other Neighbors to Join in the Fight

This is important because if more than two or three people report the same actions as you are doing, both the landlord, managers and the police would be forced to take certain actions that would make your neighbors to move, they can be evacuated faster than you think.

5. Report to Your HOA

This is important because one of the core responsibilities of an HOA is to ensure tranquility in the neighborhood and intervene in cases where someone is trying to become a problem by causing havoc

6. Make your Neighbors File a Class Action Lawsuit

If after all the above attempts to make your neighbors move and it is still proving abortive or unresponsive, you may have to take it a little step higher by going to court to file a class-action lawsuit against whosoever is wreaking such havoc in your neighborhood.

It is important to note that you should not do this alone, you need to talk to other neighbors and be able to convince them to do the same just as you for quick response and action.

7. Expose Your Neighbors

If there is anything shameful or depictable that your neighbors are involved in, the best other option is to expose such acts to people and to other higher authorities, this would also help in giving you a quick response.

However, while doing, be cautious not to take it to the extreme. Don’t do something that will make one wants to commit suicide or want to sue you. Expose the said neighbor with caution.

8. Get some Scary Dogs

Most people hate dogs and when they see them in their neighborhood it scares them away. If this is the case, then you must have gotten some scary dogs or dogs that can bark loud at night to disturb whosoever that have been disturbing you in that environment.

This way you are quietly sending that neighbor packing already, and before you know what is happening you would not see him or her in that neighborhood again.

How while doing so, be mindful that the said neighbor can make a noise complaint on you and can even call the police on you if your dog keeps barking too loud.

9. Report to your Neighbors’ Company for Immediate Transfer

Another thing to do is to get the details of where the neighbor works, gather all your facts and evidence, walk down straight to his/her office, and report for immediate transfer.

This can be your best option as far as you have strong facts and evidence on the ground on why the company should move him/her to another location.

Nonetheless, don’t do anything that might make him lose his job. Be careful while reporting him so the company doesn’t dismiss him.

10. Buy the Property

This can also work; you can make up your mind to buy that property and evacuate the person with immediate effect. In fact, this is the best way if you have the money.

These are basically some of the legally adopted ways that you can use and make your neighbors move. But while using these ways, be cautious so the said neighbor doesn’t sue you for anything or make any complaints against you.

It’s true you want to get rid of the said neighbor because of the nuisance he’s causing you, don’t do it in a way the person’s life will be ruined. Just apply wisdom and discharge the person to another neighborhood so both of you can have a life.

Final Thoughts

Having known all these, the ball is now on your court. Take action today and bid farewell to that troublesome neighbor of yours. It’s time for real action NOW!!!

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