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Creative Basement Ideas for Your Home Upgrade

Transform your lower level with our innovative basement ideas that maximize space and style for a stunning home upgrade.

Do You Need a Permit to Finish a Basement

Do You Need a Permit to Finish a Basement?

Yes, you need a permit to finish a basement. The permit will certify that the basement is worthy of human habitation. You need to submit surveying plans and other related building documents of the finished and unfinished areas of the basement to the building authorities for approval. When is a Basement Considered to be Finished?…

Is It Illegal to have a Bedroom in the Basement

Is It Illegal to have a Bedroom in the Basement?

A bedroom is one of the most important places in a house. It is seen as the best room found in a house because most people spend all their time in there without moving into the other parts of the house. But the question is, is it illegal to have a bedroom in the basement?…

Is It Illegal to Rent Out Your Basement

Is It Illegal to Rent Out Your Basement?

The basement is not just like any part of the house, it is a different place altogether because of its special purpose and function in the house. It serves several purposes to different people and at the same time has its generally accepted purpose why it is been built as part of an apartment. At…

Second Kitchen in Basement

Second Kitchen in Basement: Pros and Cons

You can have a second kitchen in the basement if your local bylaws permit it; which will increase the resale value of the house and give extra space for the occupants to have privacy. It is expensive to build and may separate those in the basement from the main house. Rather than leaving your basement…

Basement Kitchen with Island

Basement Kitchen with Island (Pros and Cons)

Having a basement kitchen with island is an interesting thing to do. Many houses in the US have basements. The basements which are rooms below the main building are used for laundry or other things. It can also be turned into a fitness area, family hangs out, and so on. In recent years, basements have…

Is it Legal to Have a Kitchen in the Basement

Is it Legal to Have a Kitchen in the Basement?

It is legal to have a kitchen in the basement as long as you obtain a permit to build a kitchen in your basement, follow all the building codes of the state and meet all the minimum requirements that make an apartment legal. When it comes to setting up a house or making a renovation,…