When Did Egress Windows Become Mandatory

When Did Egress Windows Become Mandatory?

Similarly, an egress window has been available for quite some time. Many people know about it, while several more people still wonder about the mystery of what it is and how well it can make their lives better. The idea behind the creation of egress windows revolves around having a safe zone away from danger….

Do Sheer Curtains Provide Privacy

Do Sheer Curtains Provide Privacy?

Privacy is as important as anything to anyone. People do not joke with their privacy and this is the major reason why anyone can go to any length to ensure that their privacy is not tampered with. For you to have your privacy and maintain your sanity in your house, there are certain things that…

Can Opening a Window Stop Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Can Opening a Window Stop Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Opening the window can only stop carbon monoxide poisoning if the amount of oxygen coming inside the room is higher than the amount of carbon monoxide present in the room. If after opening the window, yet, enough air is not in the room, it may not stop the poisoning. Health is wealth, but if not properly…

Basement Egress Window Requirements

Basement Egress Window Requirements (2022 Code)

Having a basement is not the problem, the problem is having a basement that does not have an Egress window or one that did not follow the IRC recommended requirements of having an egress window in the basement. Therefore, According to the International Residential Code (IRC), basement egress windows must have: A minimum opening area…

How to Layer Sheer and Blackout Curtains

How to Layer Sheer and Blackout Curtains

The best way to layer sheer and blackout curtains are by placing the blackout curtains over the sheer curtains or by placing sheer curtains over the blackout curtains. The pole must be longer than the window by 10 inches and the height of the pole should be 8 – 12 inches above the window frame….

Bedroom Without Windows

Bedroom Without Windows: Pros and Cons

A bedroom is a room where one sleeps. Sometimes you may want to stay indoors on your bed and meditate or think about your life and other things. You may also want to sit at your reading table (if you don’t have a study room) and stare out of the window to get inspiration. Also,…

Does a Bedroom Have to Have a Window

Does a Bedroom Have to Have a Window?

Your bedroom is the room mainly used for sleeping and sometimes studying ( if you don’t have a study room). When it comes to building, there is always a plan for each room in the house. Not only do you just draw a plan for the rooms, but you must also follow the codes of…

How Many Egress Windows are Required in a Basement

How Many Egress Windows are Required in a Basement?

All residential buildings are required by code to have at least one egress window in the basement that can be operated from the inside and can be fully opened. The window must have at least 9 sq. ft. of open area, and a minimum height and width of 36 inches. Having an egress window is…