can a neighbor stop you from building

Can a Neighbor Stop You from Building?

Discover if a neighbor has the authority to halt your construction plans and what steps you can take to address building disputes.

neighbours rights during construction

Neighbours Rights During Construction FAQs

Learn about neighbours rights during construction and how to address property boundaries, noise levels, and more with our helpful FAQs.

Signs Your Neighbors Don't Like You

Signs Your Neighbors Don’t Like You (9 Signs to Watch)

Signs your neighbors don’t like you: They avoid eye contact with you They look at you with anger and disdain in their eyes They barely have long conversations with you They spread rumors about you They physically avoid you They pass out negative body language, and They don’t respect your boundaries Neighbors are supposed to…

What Can I Do If My Neighbor is Recording Me

What Can I Do If My Neighbor is Recording Me? (Explained)

Having neighbors can sometimes be a good thing or the other way round. But when issues about privacy arise, it becomes a matter of concern. However, in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about your neighbor recording you and what you can do if you feel you’re being recorded by your…

Can My Neighbor Build a Fence on the Property Line

Can My Neighbor Build a Fence on the Property Line? (Yes or No)

After purchasing a property, the first thing that comes to your mind is to secure your property by building a fence. You might possibly have cars, pets, or any other essential item. It might be quite easy if you do not have neighbors or state laws that bind and guides you. All you need to…

How to Make Your Neighbors Move

How to Make Your Neighbors Move (10 Legal Ways)

How to make your neighbors move: Complain to the facility managers Talk to the landlord Involve the police Get other neighbors to join the fight Report to the HOA File a class-action lawsuit Expose the neighbor Get some scary dogs Buy the property the neighbor’s lives in Living in an environment where you can have…

How to Protect Yourself from Bad Neighbors

How to Protect Yourself from Bad Neighbors

Human beings can sometimes be unpredictable. They cannot be trusted; at least, not 100%. The person that is good to you today, may become your worst nightmare tomorrow. The fact that someone laughs with you doesn’t mean the person really likes or values you. If you have a bad neighbor, you don’t need to panic….