Average Water Bill for 1 Bedroom Apartment

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A 1 bedroom apartment is an apartment with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. It is more comfortable than a studio apartment as you will have your privacy. It is also affordable in most places and it is a convenient place for you alone except you want to have roommates.

Tenants and house owners are always concerned about utility bills, especially with the increase. Many times people complain of the increase in the water bill while they feel they are not using up to the amount stated.

In many states, the water and sewer bills are together. The sewer bill most times is more expensive than the water bill because water goes more into the sewage system.

An average person uses 85 gallons per month. When you now have a roommate, you will be using more than 170 gallons per month. All of these determine the average water bill of your 1 bedroom apartment.

Therefore, the question is, what is the average water bill for 1 bedroom apartment?

The average water bill for 1 bedroom apartment is $80 per month which is determined by your water provider and the gallons of water used per month. 

But if you are part of a unit, you can pay between $50 to $75. Also when renting your apartment, you have to find out if your house is separately metered from your landlord’s apartment. If not, you won’t have any idea of how much to pay for the water bill. You would have paid it with your house rent.

Do a 1 Bedroom Apartment Pay Water Bill?

As long as you use water, you will pay for it even if it’s a 1 bedroom apartment or not.

But there are some apartments where the water meter for the house is not separately metered. In this kind of apartment, you don’t have to pay the water bill. The landlord will always do that. You will only pay a higher rent because the estimated water bill would be added to it.

Before you sign the lease agreement, verify how utility bills are being paid so you’ll know if you will be paying monthly or you won’t be paying at all.

What is the Average Water Bill for a 1 Bedroom Apartment?

The average water bill for a 1 Bedroom apartment is dependent on the rating system of the state, the water meter you’re using, and the number of gallons used. You can just get a flat rate if you don’t have a water meter.

There’s no static average water bill. All you have to do is be familiar with the water rate of your water provider and know the number of gallons you use.

You can be spending up to $100 per month if you don’t minimize the way you use water. If you use the average number of gallons, the average water bill will be $28.24 – $80 monthly.

Importance of Paying Water Bill for a 1 Bedroom Apartment

Paying a water bill for a 1 Bedroom Apartment has its advantages, they are:

You will be Able to Monitor Your Water Usage

Paying your water bill shows you know how much you are paying. If the bill is increasing, you can easily contact your water provider to know what is wrong.

You Won’t Feel Cheated

If you are using the same water meter as your landlord, you won’t know the exact water bill that you are paying. You’ll feel you have paid everything with your house rent. But you aren’t sure if you are cheated by the landlord or not.

No Restrictions

If you are using the same water meter as your landlord, there are restrictions to how you will use water. Rules will be given to you to minimize water usage. You won’t be free because you’ll feel you are not allowed to use water to your satisfaction.

Peace in the Apartment

Yes if you are paying your water bill, you won’t answer anyone about your water usage. You won’t have issues with your landlord because he/she is reducing the way you use water. There will be satisfaction and rest of mind

How to Save More from Water Bill?

People always complain about utility bills because they have to plan ahead and budget the amount that would be spent.

People that have low income almost spend their monthly pay on utility bills. But instead of complaining about the increase in the water bill, take note of things you do that cause the increase. You can actually save more from water bills by doing the following.

  • Repair all Faulty Faucets and Shower: Faulty faucets cause water wastage. The meter counts when the water is wasted. The water is not used; it goes into the sewer. Faulty faucets when repaired will save you from paying an extra bill
  • Don’t Leave The Tap Running: Whether you are washing your teeth or your hair or you are shaving, don’t leave the tap running. Open the tap when you need to use water. The water from the sink goes to the sewer also. If you minimize the water that runs from the tap unnecessarily, you will save more money.
  • Reduce the Time for Baths: Actually many people spend a lot of time in the bathroom. The water used there also counts. Wash well but at the same time reduce the hours you spend in there.
  • Also in dry seasons, you tend to use water more to quench your thirst and to take your bath. To manage your usage of water, open the window more instead of the AC as this will tell also on your electric bill for your 1 bedroom apartment.
  • Change Your Shower Head: Change your shower head to a low-flow showerhead. This will reduce the gallons of water used for bathing. The reduction would be up to 50 percent.
  • Don’t Waste Water while Washing: Whether you are doing laundry or you are using a dishwasher, put as many clothes and dishes as possible in those appliances. Run it once after doing that. You don’t have to put a few plates in the dishwasher to wash. You might end up using the dishwasher thrice or even more. You are wasting water doing that. If you want to rinse your plates, don’t keep the tap running. Put water in a bowl and rinse them.

Final Thoughts

Water is an important element in every household. We can’t live without it. Water should be used effectively and not wasted; if not, it will reflect in the water bill. Therefore, the average water bill for 1 bedroom apartment depends on how many gallons of water you used per month.

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