Can You Drill Into Asbestos Siding? (Yes or No)

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Can you drill into asbestos sidings? Yes, you can drill into an asbestos siding. While it is advisable to replace the asbestos without having to drill with non-asbestos-containing materials, but if you are to do it, it must be done right with the precautions ringing right in the mind.

Drilling into asbestos sidling can be life-threatening. During causing a hole into asbestos sidings, they produce glooms of dust, which is a danger to the driller and the people around who might inhale the floating particles from the process.

Away from polluting the air, the accumulation of this dust can lead to a waste disposal problem which is also hazardous to the community.

Does it mean you’re doomed because your asbestos needs to be drilled? No, aside from how challenging it can be to have the drills done yourself, a few techniques are available to ensure you can contain the dust and accurately dispose of them, avoiding the environmental hazard that comes along with drilling.

Australians refer to asbestos as a “ticking time bomb”. It is being said to have caused health challenging diseases because of constant exposures to the residuals from drilling or tampering with asbestos. If it will be done, it needs to be done well to avoid undesirable health challenges.

What is drilling?

Drilling is a simple method of cutting a hole into a solid object using a vibrating cutting tool (drill bit). It can either be cutting through a hole or expanding a drilled hole.

A drill bit is a vital tool used in performing a drilling process. It is a rotatory cutting device, easy to handle, with multi-points.

It is a simple process of placing the drill bit to a solid surface and then pressing down against the surface, with the drill bit moving deeper into the surface.

Can You Drill into Asbestos Sidings?

Yes, you can drill into an asbestos siding.

However, drilling into asbestos sidings is like climbing the highest mountain. It is possible but dangerous if not perfectly done.

  • When drilling into an asbestos siding, lean backward
  • Have the asbestos sprayed with water, and
  • Ensure you use the shaving cream

The essence of shaving cream around the places you intend to drill is to restrict dust from escaping into the air.

Using duct tapes in places you want to drill is also advisable to help in segments where you want to punch from places you don’t want to touch.

Without these procedures, drilling can be life-threatening. Inhaling the dust from asbestos can make you vulnerable to several life-threatening diseases.

Is it Safe to Drill Through Asbestos Siding?

Safety to drill into asbestos sidings is a two-edged sword. There’s a possibility of varieties of the result depending on who is drilling and what precaution the person takes.

Such precautions are duct tape, a shaving cream, a hose to run through the drilled hole, and a protective mask to prevent yourself from inhaling the asbestos residuals, you can be safe.

Avoiding these can bring you close to a health challenge. There is only one connection between a chronic disease developed because of inhaling asbestos residuals and a safe zone from any form of the life-threatening condition is to “Avoid the asbestos fiber”.

Also, it is advisable that while you drill, you spray water into the drilled hole, with the drilled hole wet; it becomes impossible to have the atmosphere polluted with dust. No dust means safety.

Moreover, because of how dangerous asbestos is when drilling, it is better to disclose asbestos when selling a house. It is the right thing to do.

What Kind of Drill Bit to use for Asbestos Siding?

Twist drill bit is a perfect selection in drilling asbestos sidings. It is the most popular, having a manual and automatic operating system.

A drill bit is used to make openings in materials and to do this; we should have the best tool for the best material.

There are assortments of drill bits, some function admirably with penetrating the wood, while some play a clear role in boring into iron sheets, contingent upon how the drill bit is created.

To get your asbestos sidings drilling right, you need to avoid going through the entire drilling process by ensuring you have the right knowledge of what drilling bit to use.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that serves a major purpose in construction organizations. It is highly flammable and very vulnerable to water and chemicals.

To drill the sidings of asbestos, a notable drilling bit is required to ensure dust is minimized or prevented the best possible way.

How Do You Drill Into Asbestos Siding

  • Use Duct Tape to Close the Entry and Exit Point: Before drilling, it is essential you tape the entry part and also tape the exit point to ensure you drill rightly.
  • Cover the Drilled Entry and Exit Point With Shaving Cream: Shaving cream prevents dust from escaping into the air while drilling. Having it around ensures you and the people around are safe.
  • Drill Through the Creamed Part: The next procedure after adding shaving cream is to drill through it. While drilling, the cream captures every possible escaping dust from reaching the atmosphere.
  • Use Damp Rags to Clean Off the Cream: After drilling, you withdraw the drill bit and wipe off the cream and any residual with a damp rag.
  • Dispose of Damp Rags: After wiping off the shaving cream, dispose of the rag because it will contain dust and fibers from the asbestos.

Can You Put Siding on Top of Asbestos Siding?

Yes, you can put sidings over another asbestos siding.

Just like every other thing, asbestos also gets damaged with time. It sometimes requires some complications and dangers if not done the right way.

The ringing important factor is that you stay protected from sniffing the asbestos fiber.

Can You Put New Siding Over Old Siding?

Yes, you can put new sidings over old siding if you intend to reinforce the old sidings. To do this, it is advisable to be sure if the new sidings wouldn’t hide the flaws of the old sidings.

It is quite appropriate to install a new siding over old-looking sidings. If the two sidings are compatible, you are free to have the new one installed over the old one.

Can You Put Hardie Board Over Asbestos Siding?

Yes, you can put Hardie board over asbestos siding as long as your local laws or building codes permit you to do so.

Maybe you have a house built covered with asbestos sidings and you want to place your Hardie over it because you don’t want to go through the stress of having to remove the asbestos and then putting a Hardie afterward, the good news is that you can put your Hardie board over your asbestos.

Consider the environmental rules in your location, but if you are free to have your way, then you can install a vinyl Hardie over your asbestos tidings.

Final Thoughts

Drilling into asbestos is a task you need to play right to avoid getting yourself hooked with health challenges or having to destroy your structure because of lesser knowledge on how to handle your drill bit or what type of drill bit to use when drilling. It can be easy and safe if you abide by the laid down steps listed above.


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