Can You Put Potato Peels in the Garbage Disposal?

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Garbage disposals make discarding food and other organics less difficult. It keeps away unpleasant odors from the kitchen. However, garbage disposals are often misused by consumers leading to a decrease in the efficiency of the product.

A lot of consumers are most times confused as to whether to put potato peels in the garbage disposal or not. So, the question is, can you put potato peels in the garbage disposal?

No, you should not put potato peels in the garbage disposal to avoid clogging or damaging the units of the garbage disposal due to the sticky nature of the potato peels. It can also cause the garbage disposal blades to wear out.

Garbage disposal has a lot of operational procedures and there are a lot of things not to put into it. Potato peels are some of it.

Can You Put Potato Peels in the Garbage Disposal?

It is not advisable to put potato peels in the garbage disposal.

Garbage disposals are increasing in features year by year but potato peels being put in it always result in the same outcome. Damage!

When potato peels are drained, it turns into a sticky paste (often called glue). Over time, those peels form into starch that toughens and chunks your drain.

This applies also to the garbage disposal. A chief cause of clogged garbage disposals is potato peels and they should not be disposed of in the garbage disposal.

The working mechanism of garbage disposal is somehow. The disposals are made in such a way that the blades or sharp cutters in them are able to shred or completely disintegrate materials (organic) that are put in them.

Potato peels will restrict access to the drain, thereby making it inaccessible to other organic materials to pass through after shredding.

Also, if you continue to put potato peels in the garbage disposal, it will make the blade wear out which will make you start looking for how to replace garbage disposal blades.

What Happens If You Put Potato Peels in the Garbage Disposal?

As stated earlier, potato peels result in gummy starch that forms into a paste when minced by blades unlike the peels of other vegetables and fruits such as cucumbers, guavas, apples.

This paste is just like the one formed when potatoes are mashed. The waste formed by the starch will clog up in the pipes, thus creating a form of blockage.

This blockage will restrict the movement of other liquids flowing through the pipes and will eventually cause serious damage to the overall damage system.

It is noteworthy that potato peels are not responsible solely for the clogging of garbage disposals alone, animal fats poured into disposals solidify in the blades, tough and chewy meat such as pork, chicken, or materials rich in fiber such as banana skins, onion skins are not suitable for garbage disposals.

Why? These materials will hang around the blades and prevent the blades from regular motion thus causing a clog.

How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal Clogged with Potato Peels

To unclog garbage disposal clogged with potato peels, the following steps should be considered:

  • Disconnect the garbage disposal from the power source.
  • Take a careful look into the disposal to see if the clog is visible, a flashlight can be used if needed.
  • Any visible potato peels in the garbage disposal should be pulled out using a tong.
  • Following the removal of the visible potato peels, run cold water into the disposal to see if the clog has disintegrated.

Note, running hot water down the drain will not unclog the system. Hands should never be inserted into disposal even if it has been unplugged from the power source!

So, can garbage disposal be plunged?

Benefits of Potato Peels

Do you throw potato peels in the garbage? If yes, you are disposing of a large number of healthy ingredients.

Asides from its disease-fighting capabilities, the skin of potatoes are far more valuable to health and body appearance than the potato itself.

Potato peels can be beneficial in a couple of ways. They are:

Health Benefits of Potato Peels

Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease

Potassium, an essential mineral, is a major component of potato skin. Eating them reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. This is because potassium plays a critical role in reducing blood pressure and maintaining a healthy heart.

Boosts Immunity

Potato skin is an effective antioxidant agent because it is highly concentrated with Vitamin C. Potato skin also contains Vitamin B-complex and Calcium which play a fundamental part in a healthy defense system and boost immune activity.

Helps in Weight Loss

It is well-known that potatoes possess a high amount of carbohydrates that play a key role in increasing your weight.

Potato peels contain a slight amount of sodium, cholesterol, and fat. This is the reason potato peels can be an effective way to lose weight.

Protects Against Cancer

Potato peels are rich in phytochemicals that contain powerful antioxidants. It also possesses high amounts of chlorogenic acid. Thus, it protects the body against cancer.

Regulates Glucose Level

As explained by Jasmine M, Tunnicliffe on, chlorogenic acids (GCA) is a class of phenolic acids found in sweet potatoes. This acid regulates the glucose level in the whole body through multiple biochemical mechanisms.

Body Appearance Benefits of Potato Peels

Lightens Dark Spots

Potato peels contain antibacterial, phenolic, and antioxidant compounds that execute apply minor bleaching action. When rubbed over dark spots on a regular basis, freshly peeled potato peels lighten dark spots.

Protects Against Skin Burns

A simple, yet effective remedy to heal skin burns is potato peels.  They moisturize the skin and work better than medical dressings against minor burns.

Will Drano Dissolve Potato Peels?

According to, Drano® Max Gel Clog Remover is a powerful tool in unclogging sinks. By pouring Drano into the sink, it generates heat inside the drain to melt and disintegrate greasy clogs. Hence, Drano will dissolve potato peels in a garbage disposal.

However, be cautious while using Drano on your garbage disposal.


Potato peels contain a high level of starch, this causes a serious obstacle when it gets down into the garbage disposal, more so when there is a little amount of water in it. It is advisable to dispose of potato peels in the kitchen bin, fed to animals, or dumped in the compost. Putting potato peels in a garbage disposal will cause avoidable problems.

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