Second Kitchen in Basement: Pros and Cons

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You can have a second kitchen in the basement if your local bylaws permit it; which will increase the resale value of the house and give extra space for the occupants to have privacy. It is expensive to build and may separate those in the basement from the main house.

Rather than leaving your basement to become damp and cold, you can turn it into a useful room. It can be a guest room, fitness area, or even an extra bedroom. If you want to renovate it, you can turn it into another apartment. You may decide to have one.

If the basement is an additional room, the kitchen will serve as the cooking area for the occupants instead of going upstairs. But if the basement is turned into a new apartment, you must have a kitchen in it.

Can I Add a Kitchen to my Basement?

You can add a kitchen to your basement depending on what you want to turn your basement into. If it’s just a fitness area, you can just have a small kitchenette where you get water and eat snacks. If it’s a guest room, an additional kitchen will be accessible to the guests.

A kitchen in the basement will only cost money to build because there are lots of work to do there such as ventilation, lighting, flooring, plumbing, etc.

Can I Have a Second Kitchen in Basement?

Yes, you can have a second kitchen in the basement but the basement must be in use before adding another.

The point is, the basement must be in use before thinking of adding another place of cooking to it.

You can have a guest room in the basement. You can also have a kitchen in your basement where it is an area for family timeout or party.

The kitchen would be used for cooking and if the basement kitchen has an island, you can sit around it and talk with your family members.

Nevertheless, before having another place of cooking in the basement, it is important to consult the bylaws of your area to be on the safe side.

This is because some areas don’t accept a second kitchen. Therefore, building a second kitchen in such a local area means attracting problems to yourself.

Pros of Second Kitchen in Basement

1. It Increases the Resale Value of the House

Kitchen renovations bring an increase to the resale value of the house. A kitchen in the basement will increase the value when it is sold.

There’s up to 85% return on investment when you have a kitchen in the basement. It’s an extra kitchen so it will cost more to sell.

2. It Serves as an Entertainment Area

Having such a space in the basement will serve as a perfect place to enjoy yourself with your family. It is also the space for parties.

As you are partying, you are making the snacks or cooking. Rather than going to the main kitchen upstairs, having a kitchen with the necessary appliances in the basement will ease the stress.

3. It Allows the Occupants of the Basement to Have Privacy

Having a kitchen in the basement has made the room complete to a level (asides from the bath). The occupants of the room in the basement will have their privacy. They don’t have any business with the occupants upstairs. They can cook whatever they want downstairs.

4. It Gives Extra Space

This will make you not be doing all the cooking in the main kitchen unless the basement is rented out.

Cons of Second Kitchen in Basement

It is Costly

One of the main disadvantages of adding a second kitchen to a basement is that it will cost you a lot of money.

To renovate a kitchen takes a lot of money not to talk of adding a kitchen to the basement. You’ll have to work on the basement itself.

You’ll spend a lot on flooring, plumbing, waterproofing, ventilation, etc. Basements are prone to flooding. After the renovation of the basement, you now have to add the kitchen.

Building the kitchen and buying appliances in them will also cost you money.

Separation from the Main House

If the basement has its own room, it will serve as a way of separating the occupants of the basement from the occupants of the main house.

There won’t be reasons for them to talk since they don’t have anything in common. This is applicable to basements that are rented out. There will be no conversation between the two occupants.

Observation by Government Officials

For you to erect such a kitchen, you will need permits for all the electricity, plumbing, and the building itself. Since you’ve gone through that the first time, why go through it the second time?

Before you can have the basement kitchen, you’ll need a permit for it. The basement would be observed if it is suitable to cook in. So you can avoid all these by just sticking to the main kitchen.

Reduces Resale Value of the House

In places where a second full kitchen is not acceptable, a kitchen in the basement will reduce the resale value of the house, and that is even if you have anyone to buy it. The kitchen first will have to be removed which means you wasted your money.

Does a Basement Kitchen Add Value?

Kitchen renovation adds value to the sale value of a house. It is a good marketing point. A second kitchen is an added value to the resale value of the house. You are providing two well-built kitchens. Also, in areas where you can rent out your basement, the kitchen in it will increase the rental value.

However, in certain areas in the US, having a second kitchen in the basement can be illegal. The authorities only approve of one full kitchen. Therefore, it will reduce the resale value of the house if you decide to add another one.

How Much Value Does a Second Kitchen Add?

When you build a second kitchen in the basement, you can gain up to 85% return on investment. But this is not always the case. The buyers determine if they want the kitchen or not.

Some buyers will want to calculate the cost of removing the kitchen if they don’t want it. And even if you get a buyer that wants it, you might not get back the amount you spent on building that kitchen.

Therefore, be familiar with the housing and estates rules in your area to know if an idea will add much value to the house during resale.

Why Can’t I Have a Second Kitchen in my House?

You can’t have a second kitchen in your house if it’s against the bylaws in your municipality. Not all places accept two full kitchens. If doing so is illegal in your place, then selling the house would become difficult or not possible.

It also means that you are ready to spend money to work on the kitchen. You can as well save up the money for something else.


Having a second kitchen in the basement is actually something great because you’ll be free to be more creative with it. But before you start, have your plans and create your budget. Also, be sure that you are not doing something illegal. Research well so that you’ll know if you will get your profit when you resell the house.

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