Cost of Building Shipping Container Home

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Containers that we see on the streets and highways that are conveyed by trucks, trains, or ships can be transformed into something beautiful and after the transformation, it can become a home for someone or people to live in.

Shipping container home is just a home constructed from container steel. With this type of home, you don’t need bricks to erect the home. But the question is, what is the cost of building a shipping container home?

It cost between $10,000 to $50,000 to build a standard shipping container home with basic facilities and $100,000 to $170,000 to build a luxurious shipping container home with luxurious facilities. It depends on your budget and the type of container home you wish to build.

In all, whether you use $10,00o or $100,000 to build your shipping container home, you will still enjoy every bit of it.

Shipping Container Homes in the United States

Some places in the United States of America already have communities full of beautiful and gorgeous shipping container homes which if you are not told, you may not realize those homes were made of the steel containers that you see on daily basis on our roads, in the sea, and on the train.

If you go to places like Texas, California, Tennessee, Louisiana, Missouri, Oregon, and Alaska you will see these beautiful homes standing tall and looking beautiful to behold.

Louisiana and Tennessee are not exceptions of places in the United States where you would see this kind of home.

Just as the names sound, they are homes made from the steel of shipping containers, but they are well adorned and beautifully decorated with all the basic amenities that are supposed to be in a brick house.

They are built having the regulations of building codes and regulations in mind in cases of emergency whatsoever.

The shipping container homes are beautiful and tasking at the same time because it requires lots of craftsmanship and innovations with some good technical work to make it what it is supposed to be and to ensure that people living in it would have the best moment of their lives.

These shipping container homes are of different sizes depending on the type of container steel that is used. Some are 10ft, some are 20ft, while some are 40ft tall.

In a shipping container home, you can get 100 square feet as the least for the floor of the house. And more excitedly, you can also make story buildings with them.

With eight large containers, you can have a two-story building that will measure up to 1400 square feet for floor space. And with more containers, you can have a large apartment for you and your family.

How much Does it Cost to Build a Shipping Container Home?

Thinking of building yourself and for your family a small or average shipping container home with some basic amenities that would serve you and them without some form of inconvenience, you should be budgeting between $10,000 to $30,000 for it.

But if you want to take your stake higher in this and would like to make it huge with all the amenities fully incorporated in it, then with $100,000 to $170,000 you are good to go and you would definitely get what you desire t in a shipping container home. This is the cost of building a shipping container home.

Pros of Building a Shipping Container Home

Pros of building a shipping container home:

1. Very Easy to Ship and to Find a Good Site for it

With a shipping container home, you will not have stress in shipping it down to the place you want it situated, and at the same time, it will be so easy for you to find a good site for it, unlike the brick houses seen everywhere.

2. The Cost is Easily Predictable

You can easily calculate everything you will need to have a shipping container home built and the cost and budget would work out perfectly as planned. This means you would have some flexibility and know what you are going to spend from the onset up until the completion of the home for you.

3. It’s Easily Recycled

The shipping container home can be used again and again and they will give you different beautiful looks and wonderful edifice than you can imagine. You will not be thinking of buying new ones, just one can be used to give you the different styles depending on your preferences.

4. Environmental Friendly

This is a good part of the shipping container homes, they are environmentally friendly and there is no stress about this.

They are Prefab in Nature

Most of the shipping containers are already some kind of modular homes, and this makes it easy and fast for it to be finished. You would not spend much time as the basic shapes you need in a house are already in the modular homes for you.

Cons of Building a Shipping Container Home

The disadvantages of building shipping container homes are:

Structural Issues

You may experience structural challenges when it comes to shipping container homes. As they are not complete and can come without roofs, you will have to make a roof and a strong one for that matter to be befitting for it.

Another thing to contend with here is the fact that when you carve out a door or a window from the shipping container home, you must reinforce that part of the container because of their nature; they are corrugated and need reinforcement when something is carved out of it.


Most containers that have gone out of shape and life span would be difficult to be recycled. This is because of the fact that they are produced with a life span in mind. So you would need to get another container once the one you are using is out of shape and nature.

It is Tasking

This is a very strong part of it, not everyone can or would be able to give you what you want in a shipping container home. You must lookout for people who are experts in this.

Final Thoughts

Even though the cost of building a shipping container home is relatively low, it is important you make use of the best in building one. Using shipping containers as homes involves lots of things which only those that are good at it should do. Therefore, don’t because of how cheap it is and use armatures in building the house. The best people to use are shipping container home builders close to you.

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