How to Start a Tiny House Community in 2024

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There are times tiny houses are mostly needed by homeowners because of some unique reasons. During pandemics or epidemics, homeowners tend to go for a tinier house because of the need to have more space either in the backyard or in between the house.

Tiny houses are special houses or homes that are generally built and designed to be less than 600 square feet in nature.

However. when it comes to the construction of a tiny house, a lot of things must be put into consideration as to how to connect the electricity, sewage, all plumbing works, conduits, and other necessary things needed.

This article is designed to educate you on how to start a tiny house community in 2024.

Can You Start a Tiny House Community?

Yes, you can start up a tiny house community in your place or you can decide to buy an empty vacation land to start up the tiny house community. There is no law prohibiting one from starting up a tiny house community.

Before starting a tiny home community, it is important to do some form of consultation with some experts to give you all the guide and advice you need in order to bring the dream into reality.

At this process, you should be able to know what to do and what not to do for the tiny house community you wish to build.

How to Start a Tiny House Community

Here are steps to follow to start a tiny house community and make it a successful one.

STEP 1: Planning Permission

This is the basics, there is a popular saying that “he who fails to plan, plans to fail”. You must have good planning to put certain things in place while building a tiny house village.

You alone cannot do this, you will be needing the services of some experts like an estate manager, a lawyer, building engineers, etc. This is the first and most important step in starting up.

You have to find out whether you need to get planning permission before commencing work. You need to consult the local authorities for building permits and planning permission.

These are the necessities to avoid halting in the middle of the work because of what you should have done in the first place.

STEP 2: Have Your Budget Ready

After planning with the above-mentioned people and others, you must have to understand the cost of what it takes to start the tiny house community. This would help you have something in mind and know what and how to raise the funds to accomplish the dream of starting a tiny house community.

STEP 3: Expenses

Every budget has its expenses. After you’ve known the budget, you must know the expenses. There are instances your contractors may demand a certain amount per hour as the house is starting.

Also, after construction, you will also need to publicize the house to get people’s attention. You will need to set up an office for a consultation where people will get to before they are accepted to move into the community. All these sums are part of the expenses you must plan for.

STEP 4: Find Out Your Target Market

This is so important because, without them, the tiny house community would be useless. You need to check out for people of like minds who want the same thing as you do, identify them, they are your target market and the people meant to stay with you in that community. This aspect is very important and should not be undermined.

STEP 5: Responsibilities

Before delegating any form of responsibility to some staff that would work with you in the tiny house community; you must, first of all, do your own research and know what you need as the work progresses.

You also need to know the type of utilities that would be needed in your community, where to get them, and what they would cost. This would help you to manage some overhead costs.

STEP 6: Building Code and Zoning Regulations

You must know the zoning regulations and the building codes in your vicinity before building as this is one of the legal things and standards you must follow.

All these are part of how to start a tiny house community. You can read the step-by-step guild on how to build a shipping container home.

Things Needed to Start a Tiny House Community

For you to start that tiny house community, there are certain things you must do. They are:

1. You Must Have a Good Location

This is the first step to achieving the dream or success of the tiny house project. You must search for a good designated location that would accommodate the community you want to start. To do this, you must consult with experts and local authorities for guidance to avoid making a huge mistake at the start-up stage.

2. You Must Ensure You Follow all Rules

Every building has its designated rules and regulations and the tiny house community is not an exemption. At this point when you have purchased the land, you must ensure that all rules and protocols for building a tiny house must be strictly adhered to.

Some of these rules include building codes and zoning ordinances. You must not overlook this because it is part of the standards and procedures you must follow.

3. Ensure You Have All Utilities for the House

This is another must-do thing for when planning on starting a tiny house community. You must ensure that all the necessary amenities and utilities needed are fully installed in the tiny house.

If you are building the community far place from town, then there will be a great need to dig a well or borehole so that there would be enough water supply at all times.

You need to install good electricity, do all necessary plumbing and technical works, and get the house well equipped. This is part of the things that make it suitable for people to live in.

4. Have your CC&Rs Ready

Because of the way tiny house villages are constructed, people from different places will come and likely become part of the community you are working on, and to ensure that things are done orderly at any time, you must ensure that you have your rules and regulations stipulated out clearly.

This will help you regulate whatever would happen there and also keep people in check because anyone coming to be part of the community must abide by the rules and code.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Tiny House Community

  • Where Would You Put the House: This is so important. It is the number deciding factor for the success of this project. You need to know where this house is supposed to be situated before anything else.
  • Are you Building on Foundation or on Wheels: This is another thing you need to consider. Which one would work better for you, either to start from a foundation or to put the house on wheels.
  • Family Size: You need to consider the number of people in your home before embarking on this journey because everything you are doing is to make your family happy. This is so important.
  • Have a Trial First: It is advised that you first rent a tiny house for a short let before going into a building or buying one. This would help you have a better idea of what tiny houses are all about.
  • Outdoor Space: Having a good outdoor space in the environment where the house will be is so important, the weather in certain seasons would demand staying outdoor than indoor in the tiny house.
  • All Utilities: You need to have them all fixed so that you and your family including the family of others that will be staying in the tiny house community enjoy their stay.
  • Standard: Building to standard is so important. You need to ensure that you follow all procedures and get the house built up to the required codes, taste, and standards.
  • Know Your Goals: In this case, if you like to save more money on the tiny house, a time buying or renting would help you do so other than building. This is a very important factor to consider.

Are Tiny House Communities Profitable?

Yes, a tiny house community is a good investment that will yield more profit. Imagine having a tiny house community in a good site as a hotel, vacation resort, relaxation, and short let, people will patronize you.

But it all boils down to good planning and strategies you have on the ground, as well as the people you are working with to achieve the dream.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Tiny House Village?

$30,000 to $60,000 is basically the ideal cost of building a tiny house, the amenities you want in it can make it rise like $8,000 to $15,000 higher.

Depending on the number of tiny houses you want to be in the village, you may end up spending between $450,000 to $600,000 because you will be buying things in bulk and may get certain discounts on them.

Final Thoughts

Starting a tiny house community is not as easy as you think. However, it is something that you can achieve as long as you follow the necessary procedure. Ensure to follow all building codes and zoning laws while doing so.

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