Epsom Salts to Clear Drains: Pros and Cons

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One of the things common with toilets, kitchen sinks, and bathroom is clogged drains. Washing of hair in the bathroom, washing of oil in the kitchen, and bathing can cause grime in the drains.

A drain can be partially clogged or fully clogged or fully clogged. When it’s partially clogged, water goes down slowly. But when it’s fully clogged, the water won’t move at all. It becomes stagnant which can be very annoying because the water will begin to accumulate and if the problem is not solved, the stagnant water can cause germs.

Since a drain is bound to be clogged, many people have come up with different ways to unclog the drains. They prefer to do it themselves than contacting plumbers. One of the ways to unclog drains is by pouring Epsom salt down the drain.

Now does Epsom salt unclog drain?

Epsom salt can be used to unclog a drain because, unlike table salt, Epsom salt contains magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen which helps to unclog a drain. Also, Epsom salt has been in use for over a century for its detoxification and healing properties. This has made it a popular household substance to unclog a drain.

However, it is important to note that Epsom salt is not the same as table salt. In fact, they are completely different. While table salt can be used for cooking, Epsom salt can’t be used for cooking because it has a bitter taste.

Uses of Epsom Salt

Epsom salt wasn’t originally used for unclogging drains. It was discovered in Epsom, Surreal, England by a farmer in his well. He found out that the salt worked for healing. Since then, Epsom salt has become popular. People use Epsom salt for many reasons but few will be listed.

  • It Causes Relief to the Body: Epsom salt is reported to relieve body aches and pains after use. After a full day of stress, pour the Epsom salt in hot water and bath with it. You’ll be relieved of your pains and aches, your body becomes lighter and your skin will become softer.
  • It Heals Inflammation: Epsom salt can heal inflammation of the skin. Pour Epsom salt into a bowl of water. All you have to do is soak your leg in the salt bath for 30 minutes. The inflammation would have gone down after the soaking.
  • It Causes an Increase in Magnesium in the Body: It has been reported that Epsom salt increases the magnesium level in the body. Well, more researches need to be done to make this claim valid. One research mentioned that the magnesium level of people that bathe with Epsom salt increased after using it.

Does Epsom Salt Clear Drain?

People have come up with many things to use to clear drains. One of the many things is the use of Epsom salt. The Epsom salt because of its chemical composition works well when mixed with water. It creates a fizzle and a soap reaction.

Epsom salt clear drains though it must not be used too often or it will damage the drains especially if they are stainless steel. It clears any form of biodegradable waste causing the clog and it dissolves the grime in the drains.

How to Clear the Drains With Epsom Salt?

  • Firstly, boil your water till it’s hot, not warm.
  • Pour the water in the sink or toilet bowl then add two teaspoons of Epsom salt.
  • Pour the hot water again and let it settle for a few minutes before you flush well.
  • When pouring the hot water into the toilet bowl, be careful not to let it touch the body of the bowl while rushing to pour it.
  • Be careful with it so that it won’t break the porcelain and so it won’t burn you too.
  • Another method of clearing the drain with Epsom salt is to measure a cup of Epsom salt and pour it into the toilet bowl.
  • Wait till the fizzle stops then flush with water.
  • If the drain is not clear the first time, you can continue till it clears.
    But just bear in mind that you might be using more than four cups of Epsom salt.
  • Whichever method you want to use is your choice.

If you are too scared to use Epsom salt to clean your drain, you can learn how to make use of baking soda and vinegar to clean a drain HERE.

However, if you wish to make use of the Epsom salt to clear your drain, below are some of the best Epsom salt you can find on Amazon.

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Pros of Clearing Drains With Epsom Salt

1. It Saves your Money

Rather than getting a plumber that will charge you for his/her service, just use Epsom salt. This helps to save your money. Epsom salt is always common in the home so it’s easier to get.

2. It Clear Drains

Epsom salt clear drains. So you don’t have to worry if it will work or not. It will clear the drain after you flush it down. Unlike some other substances, Epsom salt doesn’t mix up with the grime to cause more clog. It dissolves the grime.

3. It Has no Negative Effect on the Drain

Although salt is corrosive, Epsom salt doesn’t affect your drain unless it’s stainless steel and you won’t find that kind of drain in new houses that are being constructed these days.

4. It’s Safe

Epsom salt doesn’t have an adverse effect on you. Even if it splashes on your skin, it can’t affect you. You don’t need eye protection for it. It doesn’t cause skin irritation neither does it affect your lungs. It’s totally safe because it’s not corrosive at all.

Apart from this, you can even mix it with other reactive agents like baking soda or vinegar. Mixing it with these agents is safe. It doesn’t create a toxic chemical reaction.

Cons of Clearing Drains With Epsom Salt

It Doesn’t Clear Extreme Clogs

Using Epsom salt is just for clogs that are caused by grime. Serious clogging that is caused by damage to the drains or hard objects can’t be unclogged with Epsom salt. You will need to call a plumber for that.

It Damages the Drains

If you use Epsom salt too often, you can damage your drains if it’s stainless steel. These types of drains are common in old houses. New houses don’t necessarily have stainless steel drains. But even at that, you shouldn’t pour Epsom salt down the drain more often.

Also, the use of hot water with Epsom salt can cause damage to the toilet wax or break the porcelain.

Are Epsom Salts Bad for Plumbing?

The use of Epsom salt shouldn’t affect the drains in the house. Although salt is corrosive, Epsom salt isn’t that dangerous to affect the plumbing system in your house. Constant usage of Epsom salt can pose damage to the drains. But in all, since plumbers don’t complain about the Epsom salt, it is not bad for plumbing.


Clogged drains happen no matter how careful you are so you need to be ready to act when it comes. Studies and researches have come up with different DIY to unclog partially clogged drains or even fully clogged ones. These methods are to help save your money before contacting the plumbers. The only risk with DIY is that you might mix up certain substances that cause really bad chemical reactions. So if you are not too sure of the cause of the clog, just contact your plumber.

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