How Many KWH Does a House Use Per Day

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Electricity is one of the basic necessities of man. It is very obvious that man cannot do without electricity as it makes every work and everything easy for everyone on daily basis.

However, the question is, how many KWh does a house use per day?

According to the 2020 research conducted in the US by Energy Information Administration, it is estimated that a residential house uses up to 28.9 kWh per day, and 10,715 kilowatthours (kWh), an average of about 893 kWh per month.

Louisiana is said to have the highest annual electricity consumption. In Louisiana, each residential customer uses 14,407 kWh while in Hawaii, each residential customer uses 6,446 kWh

However, it is important to know how to manage electricity so that you would not end up spending more than you budget to spend in a month. This is because management planning when it comes to electricity is as important as anything.

How Many KWH Does a House Use Per Day

The level of use of appliances, the frequency of use of such, the voltage of consumption of such appliances, and the management system while using them is what constitutes what they would consume when it comes to electricity.

As reiterated earlier, it is estimated for a house to use up to 28.9 kWh of electricity per day and 893 kWh per month. Remember that this can be reduced if you mind how you use your appliances.

It is important to follow certain principles to help you not to overuse energy and at the end of the month see yourself spending more than you can pay for or more than your budget on a monthly basis.

How Many KWH a Day is Normal

On daily basis,15-20 KWH of power is normal for the consumption of a house. These are made possible when you have normal management planning on the use of electricity which will help to reduce the KWH spent on a daily basis and minimize the amount spent on electricity.

If not done this way, you may end up spending more money on electricity and turn out not being able to save. But if the management system is applied, you can save more from electricity consumption.

Is 50KWH a Day a Lot?

Yes, 50KWH is a lot when it comes to electricity usage in a day, if you use 50KWH a day, you would be consuming 1,500KWH in a month and that is much energy consumption, which you may end up unable to save.

It is very good to be wise when it comes to energy consumption, knowing that it is something we cannot do without on a daily basis.

The best thing is to learn the steps and tactics that would help in the management which would reduce much consumption.

How Many KW Per Hour Does an Average House Use

An average house makes use of 15-20 or 25-30KWH of energy per house when it comes to electricity consumption. So many things constitute this and they need to be used with care to avoid spending more on electricity when you are supposed not to.

When it comes to energy, you may decide to turn off what you think would not be useful to you in the house at a particular time, this would help you not to consume more energy.

But if you turn everything on and leave them without care, then the reverse would be the case and the outcome at the end of the month may not be a good one when it is time to pay bills.

Tips on How not to Use Too Much KWH Per Day

There are certain ways that can help you curtail the use of electricity on a daily basis, and some of them include and are not limited to the following:

Ensure you do an energy audit: This would definitely help you to know what your house consumes at the end of the day, or in a month.

You can do this by going to the electricity company in your locality and finding out more from them, or consult other electricity audit companies to help you do this.

Cut out excess use of appliances: Here, you are supposed to know what should be turned on at a particular time and what should be turned off.

  • You should know that at night the electric bulbs should not be on and that you are also supposed to use energy-saving bulbs in your home.
  • Know when to turn off the toaster, microwave oven, refrigerator, air conditioners, etc., and when they should be turned on.
  • Use line dryers in place of electric dryers
  • Always ensure your refrigerator coil is neat and clean
  • Ensure your freezer and fridge is packed to full capacity while in use
  • Turn off water heaters when not in use
  • Use dimmer switches
  • Turn off dishwasher’s hot dry
  • Regulate the use of air conditioners and other appliances.

These are a few of many of the steps you can use to help minimize the use of electricity in your house on a daily basis. You check out the average water bill for a 2 bedroom apartment here.

Final Thought

Energy-saving can help you save a lot of money even more than you can imagine. This is a wise investment if you would know how to manage it and follow some of the steps that have been highlighted in this article.

No one is happy spending more than his/her monthly budget because it can be annoying and at the same time frustrating.

But if the above knowledge from this article is put to use, it would go a long way and help you minimize spending on energy bills.

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