How Old Do You Have to Get a Hotel Room?

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Even though the world is advancing, age will always have a significant role to play. No hotel will want to be held responsible for any underage frivolities.

Hotels will rather lodge adults who can take care of themselves and can account for their whereabouts rather than underage youths.

Hotels shouldn’t be blamed for not allowing underage to book a room, as there are lots of things involved.  No hotel will want to have a bad record for allowing an underage to book a hotel room.

What if something happens to the underage in the hotel? The hotel will be held responsible for it and will face penalties.

What is a Hotel?

Not everyone you see in a hotel is there for se*ual activities. People lodge in hotels for different purposes.

A hotel is an establishment providing accommodation, meals, and other services for travelers and tourists. A hotel is also an establishment that provides paid lodgings in the short term.

A hotel varies in size, services, purposes, and amenities. There are international luxury hotels, lifestyle resorts, and small or medium establishments that don’t provide the top-notch amenities.

People lodge in hotels for different reasons. Some are there to have a space and time to themselves, whereby no one troubles them. Some rent a hotel room to stay during business trips. Hotels are booked for different purposes.

How Old Do You Have to Get to Book a Hotel?

Most countries generally use 18 years as an official age to rent a hotel room. They believe that at age 18 you should be able to think on your own and make choices on your own, have your dreams, know what you want, have the right to vote.

18 years is seen as the official age for adulthood. Once you are 18 years, you are allowed to book a hotel for yourself.

When it comes to age requirements when booking a hotel room, countries have their rules. Apart from the states, hotels have their discretion when it comes to age.

Different situations can make them waive the 18-year rule. Some hotels don’t allow anyone below 21 years to book a hotel room.

This is because of the casinos and bars in those hotels. Cities that allow this include New York City, Miami, and other cities that have parties often.

Can You Book a Hotel Room at 16?

As reiterated earlier, certain hotels have their discretion when it comes to age requirements. Minors now travel across the country even without their parents. They’ll have to stay in a hotel during the trip.

Some hotels may ask for their guardian’s note of permission while others don’t ask. Also, an adult can book a hotel room for a minor under his/her name.

You can book a hotel room at 16 under these circumstances. Whatever hotel you want to book a room in, be sure to verify their minimum age requirement so as to avoid embarrassment.

Why Must You Wait till Age 18 to Rent a Hotel Room?

Can you get a driver’s license at age 15? Can you vote at age 15?  The answer is no, but you can do all that once you are 18, because that is the legal age in most countries.

In order not to be embarrassed or go through stress, you should be up to age 18 before you try booking a hotel room. This is because hotels don’t want to be held responsible for minor frivolities. At age 18 you should be more mature to make decisions.

But in certain hotels, you don’t have to wait. You can even book a hotel room if as a minor, you have an adult with you or your parent/guardian sends a note of permission.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Stay in a Hotel with Your Boyfriend?

To be able to stay free in a hotel with your boyfriend, you have to be 18 years old except in cities like Las Vegas and Miami where there is a high rate of bars and casinos in the hotel premises. In these places, you have to be 21 years.

If you are not underage, you can stay in a hotel room with your boyfriend. But many of the minors we have these days have fake IDs where they falsify their age just to stay with their boyfriends in the hotel.

Minors who travel as a group sometimes hide under the fact that they have nowhere to stay during the trip and stay in the room with their boyfriends.

Those who have older boyfriends book hotel rooms as a minor with an adult. This is actually wrong. It is better to just wait till 18 and be free to do whatever you want. Check out: 4 Dangers of Oil Heaters to Look Out For

Dangers of Booking a Hotel as an Underage

  • In case of an emergency situation, you may not be able to know what to do unlike when you are with an adult or being an adult. A kid will always be a kid.
  • The hotel can be penalized. And if something bad happens to you such as death or rape, etc, the hotel may be sued or forced to close down.
  • You may get drunk from the hotel bar and expose yourself to rape. This is applicable to all genders. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can be targeted and raped.

Final Thoughts

There are various reasons why you would want to book a hotel room. But whatever the reason might be, you should be aware of the minimum age requirement of booking a hotel room. 18 years is a general age accepted almost everywhere.

Any hotel that is caught allowing minors to book rooms would be penalized. If you are a minor, you can just wait till you are 18. But if you can’t wait, you take a note of permission from your parents along or your parents can book a room for you under their names.

It is very wrong to use fake IDs just because you want to book a hotel room. Like I mentioned above, the hotel also has its rules and they use their discretion in certain cases.

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