How to Clean a Primo Water Dispenser (A Step By Step Guide)

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Cleaning is an essential thing to do. It is a way of keeping things clean and at the same time taking good care of them.

Appliances are very important for every home. However, if you want these appliances to last long for you, then you have to always ensure to clean them. There must be a routine cleaning of the gadget; else it might develop one form of problem or the other.

Water dispensers are not exempted from appliances used either at the home, office, or open places. Bearing in mind that they dispense water for drinking, it is the most important reason why they should be thoroughly cleaned always and kept to be in order.

Therefore, in this article, we will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to clean a primo water dispenser.

Primo Water Dispenser

Primo water dispensers and their water are manufactured to specially take your health and that of everyone around you. The water is purified and absolutely good for your health. It is corrosion-free, poison-free, and well treated before manufacturing them.

On the other hand, the primo water dispensers are high-quality products that would serve you a long time. They are durable and standard.

If you are looking for a dispenser that would easily help you chill your water and at the same time maintain up to 4 degrees Celsius with a powerful, energy-efficient processor, then the primo water dispenser is what you need.

With a primo water dispenser, you do not need to lift the 5-liter gallon to drop on top of the dispenser, the dispenser was manufactured to help you not to stress when it comes to that aspect and that is why the dispenser is bottom loading in nature.

Its efficiency, durability, portability, nice look, and DIY method are second to none. It is easy to operate and gives you what you need in a dispenser.

How to Clean a Primo Water Dispenser: A Step By Step Guide

Below is the step by step guide on how to clean the Primo water dispenser:

  1. Ensure the energy-saving switch is turned off
  2. Get the power cord disconnected from the outlet on the wall
  3. Quickly remove the water bottle
  4. Ensure that you move the dispenser far from the wall to enable you to have full access to the back of the dispenser
  5. Use a bucket to dispense the water from the hot and cold taps, if there is still water in the reservoirs
  6. From the cap, safely remove the spare 5-gallon bottle dispenser that is empty, put in either your vinegar or any washing liquid you chose to use, and add your hot tap water into the empty gallon
  7. Apply the cleaning bottle to the dispenser
  8. Ensure the power cord is connected back to the wall outlet and turn on the water dispenser
  9. Ensure that the cleaning solutions you are using fill the reservoirs
  10. Turn off the switch and disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet
  11. After 10 minutes, it is safe to drain all the water that is in the reservoir (see step 5 above on how to do that)
  12. After ensuring that the bottle is well cleaned, add only hot tap water into the dispenser (see steps 8 and 9 for reference)
  13. Use a bucket to remove the drained water
  14. Put back the silicone plug and drain cap appropriately
  15. Push back the dispenser where it is supposed to be, you are free to put in fresh water at this point, connect your power plug and turn on your energy-saving switch.

These are the step-by-step guides on how to clean your Primo water dispenser.

How Often Should I Clean my Primo Water Dispenser?

Primo highly recommends that you should clean, deodorize, sanitize and keep your Primo water dispenser clean and neat every 3 to 4 months to keep your water fresh and healthy.

Pros of Cleaning Primo Water Dispenser

The under-listed are the pros of cleaning your Primo water dispenser:

  • Helps to Dissolve Mineral Deposits: This is very important, and as long as your health is important to you, you should always get rid of some mineral deposits from your primo water dispenser.
  • Helps you Sanitize: Sanitizing helps you to get rid of germs, and this is so healthy for you and everyone that will be making use of the dispenser. Your dispenser will become germ-free once they are sanitized
  • Helps Deodorize Your Water Dispenser: This would help you avoid some unwanted or ugly smell from the dispenser. If the dispenser is not deodorized, the same smell can quickly get into the water and get it contaminated. This is why deodorizing the dispenser is important.

Where is the Self-Cleaning Button on a Primo Water Dispenser Located?

The self-cleaning switch button on the Primo water dispenser can be easily found at the back left side of the dispenser. When you are about to clean, ensure to turn the dispenser, look at the left side, at the back of the dispenser, there you will find the self-cleaning button


Your dispenser is so essential and important and should be taken good care of by you and every member of your household. To get the best from your primo water dispenser, you must have to follow the step-by-step guide in this article and enjoy the use of this beautiful quality dispenser.

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