How to Get a New Roof for Free (5 Best Ways)

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There is a popular saying that says “buy one, get one free”. This phrase has been a form of attraction and what compelled people into buying what or things they are not in need of. But just because the phrase “free” is contagious, they ended up going for the item.

Everybody likes free things especially when you cannot afford them. The same goes for a new roof. With the urgency of putting a roof over your head and the huge cost of good roofs, getting it for free is a deal-breaker.

Therefore, the question is, how to get a new roof for free?

The best way to get a new roof for free is by applying for financial grants for roof repair and replacement either at the state level, federal level, or by some donors and funders. While applying for the grants, ensure you meet all their requirements.

Can I Get a New Roof for Free?

Yes, you can get a new roof for free where you are. In your state, county, province, or locality, or even at the federal level.

All you need to do is to carefully lookout for certain organizations that sponsor grants to homeowners for roofing or renovation of the old ones, follow all their instructions, and meet all the requirements. They will get the funds disbursed to you for a new roof.

How to Get a New Roof for Free

There are certain ways that are legal and dully acceptable by many to enable people who either are low on cash or those that do not have money at all for roofing to absolutely get a roof over their house for free, and some of them are and are not limited to the following options:

1. House Roofing Grants

Yes, this is one of the easy ways to get a new rood for free. There are some organizations and agencies that can help you do so. As long as you meet up to their requirements they will disburse the funds to you either totally free or as low as nothing compared to when you are doing it all by yourself.

These particular grants are mostly for the elderly ones, disabled people as well as low-income earners in society.

2. Networking

This is another good way to get a new roof for free, you can reach out to licensed roofing contractors by searching online or through various social media platforms and they would be of help to you. You can discuss this with them and hopefully, they may be of help to you.

3. Refinancing Your Home

This is a good option as it can be gotten from the FHA 203K refinance loan. It will be easier for you to get a new roof over your house. You can reach out to a financial expert for more guidance on how to do this; the expert would help you to get a more reasonable loan with a low-interest rate best for you.

4.  By Savings

This would be another best way and option for you to get a new roof. You can give yourself time, know the budget, break it down into certain months, and ensure that you save a certain amount from the breakdown per month. This would give you more time and less stress to achieve this within a short period of time.

5. Contact a Roof Doctor

A roof doctor would give you the best financial options you can take and get this done as soon as possible. It would be an affordable, excellent job with a license with the best roofing contractors.

These are certain ways on how and what you can do to get a roof for free for that new house or that home you would like to renovate.

Programs that Help Pay for New Roof

Programs that can help pay for a new roof include the following:

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

The WAP initiative would help give you new roof weatherization services and they help improve the energy efficiency of your home.


  • You must be a low-income earner

Home Equity Loan

This particular program will help to borrow you money for the new roof but they will use your house for collateral for the loan. This is another option for you.


  • You must have a house to be used as collateral
  • Citizen of the US by birth, naturalization, marriage, etc
  • Prove of tax payment

FHA 203K

This is another option and a good way to get a new roof for your home, once you contact them and meet up certain standards, you are sure of the loan. They are government agencies that are out there to help.


  • You must be an elderly person, disabled or low-income earner
  • Citizen of the US by any approved way
  • Prove of tax payments

Other programs that would be of help to you in this area are:

  • FHA Title 1 Loan
  • Credit Card

Advantages of a New Roof

  • Brings out the house value: A new roof brings out the beauty of a house.
  • Insurance coverage: This can come in two ways, after getting the insurance, the insurance can go up after getting a new roof, it can as well go down after getting a new roof. It all depends on the insurance company.
  • Improves energy efficiency for the house
  • Good little makeover for the house
  • To keep people going to the roof safe: In case there is an installation that needs to be done in the room such as solar panels, a new roof is best to keep the people safe.
  • Good air quality for the house: You can imagine the fresh air quality coming inside the room from the new roof, unlike the old rusty, dusty roof.
  • Gives your home a new quality warranty
  • Upgrades your roof quality

Final Thoughts

You can even start now by exploring all the options of getting a new roof for your home without much stress and at on low-interest rate. Why not take action now and make yourself, your household, and your house happy.

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