How Deep are Electric Lines Buried?

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Electric lines are buried 24 inches underground for the higher voltage circuits and 18 inches underground for the lower voltage circuits to avoid power outages, accidents, and fire hazards. Ensure to watch out for an already installed electric circuit to avoid hitting on it.

Electricity is one of the major necessities of man because it makes life easier for everyone. On the other hand, there can be some form of havoc if the same electricity is not properly handled. It can lead to the loss of lives and properties.

However, a qualified electrician must be hired to take care of the electrical process. The recommended cables and other things required must be used while the basic way of installation must be duly followed. This should be done in order to avoid any form of electrocution wherever the electric lines are installed.

What are Electrical Lines?

Whenever you see anything that is either a wire, a conductor, or any other form of equipment that have to do with electricity combined together for the sole purpose of transiting, transforming, or supplying electricity to a place in a voltage that is higher than the normal low voltage is called electrical lines.

This is to say that electric lines are a combination of wires, conductors, and other associated electrical gadgets and equipment’s that are used to either make a transmission or a transformation or to supply electricity to a home or any place with a higher voltage than the normal regular form of voltage is known and called electrical lines.

How Deep are Electric Lines Buried?

Electrical lines are recommended by experts and electrical authorities to be buried 18 inches deep, this is for lines that are to be used for the transmission of lower voltages to a house, office space, or complexes, but if the electricity supply is of higher voltage, then the electric lines must be buried deeper than 24 inches on the ground.

This is very important to the environment and for the people that will be making use of the place. It is important to employ certified electricians to carry out such assignments instead of employing quacks or cutting corners to get this done.

Reasons Why Electrical Lines are Buried Deep Underground

The reasons why electrical lines are buried deep underground are: 

1. To Avoid an Accident

This is important because if the electric lines are not buried deep underground, cars, lorries, bikes, and most times pedestrians may collide with the lines which will lead to a serious accident that will be of danger to either human lives or to properties.

2. It Helps Eliminate Fire Hazards

Fire hazards are dangerous to lives and properties, this happens where electric lines are not well handled or properly taken care of. Burying electric lines would help you avoid such occurrences at any time, knowing that there are places where you just have to get the lines buried instead of using them were people and cars are always moving.

3. For Safety Reasons

Safety first in anything we do. Safety would help you avoid any form of issues that may come in form of fire, accident, and other forms of havoc that are associated with electricity. In order to maintain this safety, it is important you get your electric lines buried.

4. To Avoid Power Outages

In most cases, downed lines can have issues of power outages, and people do not want to see or stay in a place where there are power outages, and the best way to avoid this is by ensuring that your electric lines are buried.

After paying your electric bills, the last thing you want to hear is that there are power outages because of malfunctioning electric cables that are not well-buried underground.

These are some of the reasons why you should have your electric lines buried.

How Do I Find a Buried Electrical Line?

To find buried electrical lines, you need to:

  • Call the electric authority in your vicinity. This is very important as they would help you do so
  • Follow the principles of using power detectors
  • Ensure you make use of recommended equipment’s to do so
  • Ensure you have authorized personnel when doing so, this should not be done alone.

Using the above-listed ways are some of the ways you can use to find a buried electrical line in your vicinity.

Will a Metal Detector Find Buried Electrical Wire?

Yes, metal detectors can help you find buried electrical lines, and this can only happen when the lines are buried within the range of your machine. Anything that is above the range of your machine, it would be difficult for you to detect them.

How to Bury Underground Cable

The following are ways to bury underground cables:

  • Decide on the depth; the depth option of the cable you want to bury is important and should be the first successful record of what you want to do. Remember that lower voltages should be 18 inches deep while higher voltages should be more than 24 inches deep in depth.
  • Use recommended materials like galvanized pipes and the inch of the pipes are important depending on the inches of the ground you are digging
  • Follow the due process. This will help you fix the pipes and the cables in the right positions to avoid making mistakes while doing so.

With the steps above you can be able to bury your electric lines underground.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of electricity cannot be over-emphasized, they are important for humanity but at the same time cause some forms of havoc if not properly used, and managed by the right personnel. If you are thinking of having your cables buried underground, you must follow the steps, guides, and principles discussed in this article for your safety and the safety of everyone in your environment.

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