How to Install a Chain Link Fence Double Gate

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Security consciousness is a very basic need and must be treated as such. However, security of one’s property, life, belongings, and even privacy is very important and this is why from age to age, man has kept up with creating different means of security.

The use of gates and fences is an age-long, trusted tool used by men for security purposes.

There are many fences that can be used for a variety of purposes, but the Chain Link Fence – also known as the wire mesh fences – stands out. Therefore, in this article, you will learn how to install a chain link fence double gate.

What is a Chain Link Fence?

Chain Link Fence (also known as wire mesh, wire mesh fences, cyclone fences, hurricane fences, and diamond mesh fences) are a type of wire mesh usually made of zinc-plated or LLDPE-coated steel wire.

Because the wires run vertically and are bent in a zigzag pattern, each “zigzag” with a wire will immediately and simultaneously – catch on both sides. This creates the diamond-shaped characteristic pattern for this type of fence.

What are the Purposes of Double Chain Link Fence?

The main purpose of a chain-link fence is to secure and surround backyards, barns, prisons, government facilities, construction sites, and so on.

Chainlink fencing is preferred because of its economic benefits, durability, and affordability. Therefore, it is ideal for both commercial and residential use.

Materials such as interlocking, woven wire mesh, and steel posts are also suitable for most people. This type of fence is reliable, but the least elegant.

How to Install a Chain Link Fence Double Gate

Here are the steps to follow when installing a dual swing gate. These steps are to be adhered to strictly;

1. Make Sure the Goal Post is Horizontal

When installing a chain link fence double gate, ensure to use a spirit level to make the stanchions of the wire mesh fence that attaches to the gate are as vertical as possible.

You have to do this to avoid the gate not working well after installation. It can cause the gate not to swing properly and may be difficult to open or close or may not be aligned with the opposite gate.

2. Tie a String Between the Pillars of the Fence

The next thing you should be careful with is the level line between the underside of the chainlink link double gate and the fence post level. However, ensure to use a string to draw the level line between the underside of the chainlink double swing gate and the fence post level.

3. Join the Gate Latch Hardware to the Gate

Place the two gates on the ground and install the lock hardware on both gates. While doing this, ensure that the making sure that the tops of both gates are aligned.

4. Join the Hinge to the Gate

Most chain link gate hinge fittings are attached to the fence post with bolts or staples, eliminating the need to drill holes in the posts and gates. Screw the hinge into the gate and make sure the hinge is level.

6. Join the Gate to the Gatepost

Align the bottom of one of the gates to the string and attach the hinge to the stanchion with a bolt or clasp. While doing this, ensure that the bolts are tight enough to prevent the gate from slipping off the post. Repeat this process at the second gate.

7. Align the Gate and Drill a Hole in the Center Drop Pin

Close the gate and lock it together to mark the position of the center pin. Open the gate and make a hole for the pin to drive into the ground.

How Do You Measure a Double Chain Link Gate

Placing a wire mesh fence around your property protects your family, pets, and communities. If you have this powerful security feature, some insurance agents will even give you a discount on your home insurance.

Wire mesh fence gates are one of the most important concerns for the security of metal borders. A snug fit is essential for the chain-link gate to function properly.

Measure the top of the chain link gate with a tape measure. Measure the bottom of the gate to make sure the gate is square. Add 33/4 inches to the longest of the gate measurements to get the overall width of the gate opening and consider the width between the hinge and the column. Measure both  gate widths again and add  3 3/4 inches to the longest measurement again to confirm the calculation. Place the spray paint patch on the ground where you want to place one side of the fence. Measure along the fence line and place a second  paint patch that matches the measured value at the gate opening.

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