POE vs BNC: Which Is a Better Security Camera?

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Amidst all security cameras’ benefits, it is usually difficult to point out which is best because everyone sees their specs as the best.

Nevertheless, it is important to focus on these cameras’ analytical aspects to understand what best serves as a security camera for your home or business.

POE and BNC are CCTV cameras that have worked fine and efficiently for several years. People who are security conscious have tested these security cameras and trusted them to be reliable for security purposes.

BNC is an analog security camera and the oldest, while POE is a digital security camera. Both are special in different ways and are still very useable in recent times. However, POE cameras are better security cameras because of their multi-functions, including a wireless network connection.

POE Security Camera

POE is a CCTV security camera used to monitor one’s home or business against burglars or even disorderliness.

Like every other security camera, POE is known to have stood out over the years for its amazing and unique designs that perfectly fit this world.

Power over Ethernet fits into this world incredibly because of its digitalized features. This camera must have been made to override the previous camera capabilities.

The POE CCTV is equipped with a superb video resolution and has the highest megapixels. It has an easy installation style connected to a network video recorder (NVR) and then starts working efficiently.

The emphasis laid on the POE camera’s uniqueness should also be applied to its maintenance because it is expensive to maintain.

Power over Ethernet is a very forward camera that has come to stay and may overthrow other existent security cameras as it is always due to upgrade.

Advantages of Using POE CCTV Camera

The POE CCTV has with it the highest of advantages than disadvantages. It has stood the test of time and is exceptionally trusted because of its user-friendly attributes. However, we shouldn’t forget to thank those that invented security cameras.

In a digital world where the computer has changed or upgraded socialization with the ease to travel wirelessly, POE digital camera had been designed to complement the new world digital security system.

However, below are the pros of using POE CCTV Cameras:

Ability to Travel Wirelessly

In those days, letters were a communicative technique to reach out to our loved ones. One will have to wait for mail carriers to collect these letters for delivery, and heavy payment will be paid to make it possible.

If you dare ask me, I’d say it was a waste of time. I feel the luckiest to have seen a modern-day as this with technology ease.

The POE camera is an exceptional design that is made to travel wirelessly to an NVR without having to wire a house stressfully. A CAT 5-6 cable is the most recommended router for a POE security camera that transmits footage to an NVR.

High Video Quality

A POE security camera has the highest video and picture camera quality and megapixels. The camera is exceptionally clear even at a zoomed image. There is no room for doubt when it comes to what is seen.

Camera Installation and Usefulness Made Easy

The installation of a POE camera is the easiest there is because it is connected wirelessly. A professional will have to set it up, and there, you have it.

BNC Security Camera

BNC is an analog version of a CCTV camera. This camera is characterized by simplicity and is user-friendly. It covers a wider coverage as long as power is made available for it to function extensively.

BNC is cheap to maintain and very much reliable. These are reasons and more; it is still rampantly used around the world. BNC is designed to stand the usefulness of time; that is why it is still very useful even in a digitalized world.

The cost-efficiency of BNC cannot be over-emphasized. It is an up-to-date camera guide and doesn’t demand any special attention whatsoever.

Its camera quality may be poor, but it is never vulnerable to any weather. That it is reliable and cheap is a major reason it may never go out of the market.

Advantages Of Using BNC CCTV Cameras

Since it is an analog security camera, many may think it has outlived its usefulness, and as such, its advantages should be a thing of the past, but that is not the case with the BNC CCTV camera. BNC camera is still the most used security camera around the world because of its strengths. BNC’s strengths are its advantages.

Wider Coverage

BNC camera has a wide coverage, and as such, it makes it very reliable. It extends even farther than we dare comprehend.

Cheap and Easy to Maintain

All the stress in a BNC camera is probably in its installation. It works nonstop because the network does not limit it. Its router is wired to its DVR for smooth footages storage.


BNC is never disrupted by weather or location. It is limitless and very operational no matter the weather.

POE Vs BNC: Similarities and Differences

POE and BNC are CCTV cameras that are operational even in today’s world. Depending on what works for a house or a business owner, both are unique in their designs. Here are a few similarities and differences between POE and BNC security cameras.

Here are the similarities and differences between POE and BNC security cameras:

  • POE Vs BNC: Both POE and BNC have a storage device, whether wired or wirelessly.
  • POE has the NVR, while the BNC has the DVR.
  • POE Vs BNC: Both CCTV cameras are user-friendly and easily operational.
  • BNC has a wider coverage, while POE can be limited because of its wireless network connection.
  • POE is easier to install while BNC is not because of its wire connection.
  • BNC is weatherproof and friendly, while POE is not because daring raining and cold weather can affect any wireless connection being that a service provides this connection. It lags during extreme weather conditions.
  • POE has a better and clearer camera picture quality resolution, while BNC has a poor quality because of its analog nature and a discontinued design to upgrade.
  • BNC is very cheap to maintain after installation. Still, POE is not cheap to maintain because of the continued subscription process that will be done monthly or annually to a network provider.

These are the similarities and differences between POE and BNC security cameras.

Is POE Better Than BNC?

POE is better than BNC because of its modern design, top camera quality, high megapixels, etc., and can be of better assistance for security purposes. You do not want a situation where a zoom becomes blurry; thus, time is wasted and aim unachieved.

POE may be difficult and very tasking to maintain, but I can only say it is worth it if a house or company owner is not on a budget. POE stood out, making all the difference in the security lifestyle.

It is eligible to upgrade, which means that new designs will meet up with a POE in an upgrade’s nature.

Our CCTV Recommendations (The Best)

The most notable differences between these two devices are that one is cheap to maintain and expensive. These are the first confusions house and business owners consider before proceeding, especially as security professionals advised.

But the best and most recommended is the POE CCTV security camera because of its advanced features.

What is so special about the POE CCTV features? The ease and peace that come with operating wireless clear and fast security cameras in an establishment are unique about a POE.

Things have rapidly changed technologically. If you are not tied to a budget, go for the Power over Ethernet (POE) camera device to make security sail with ease.

Best POE Security cameras

Here are the best POE security cameras:

1. Amcrest UltraHD 4K (8MP) Outdoor Security IP Turret PoE Camera

Amcrest UltraHD 4K (8MP) Outdoor Security IP

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Amcrest UltraHD 4K (8MP) Outdoor Security IP Turret PoE Camera is impressive with its advanced features. It comes with a 4K ultra-high quality which is approximately 8-Megapixel or 3840 x 2160. With this feature, you can clearly see things without having to strain your eyes.

Other features of this security camera include motion alert notifications, which alert you anytime motion is detected. It comes with a Super-wide 105° viewing angle. The camera is waterproof, meaning that even despite the weather condition, the camera got you and your property covered.

2. ANNKE H500 8CH Bullet PoE Home Security Camera System

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This is one of the best POE security cameras. It comes with amazing features, such as the ability to compress video. It has the H.265+, which is the most advanced video compression feature in security cameras.

Other features of this camera are being easy to install and 2.5x 1080P high-resolution images. It comes with a motion detector alarm, a remote, and a two years warranty.

3. Reolink 4K 16CH PoE Video Surveillance Camera System

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When looking for the best POE security cameras, Reolink 4K 16CH PoE Video Surveillance Camera System is the best. In fact, this camera is the best of the best. It is incomparable.

It comes with several amazing features such as the 4K Ultra HD which means, no more low video quality from this security camera.

It also comes with a plug-and-play PoE System, continuous 24/7 recording, remote access and playback, 2 years warranty, and several other amazing features.

Can You Convert BNC to POE?

Yes, BNC can be converted to POE, but a computer, Wi-Fi router, analog CCTV cameras, and Digital Video Server (DVS) will be needed to carry out analog to IP server successfully.

It may not be so cheap to make this happen recently, and it can be very tasking in other news. If it is a portable and small business enterprise or home, it will be most highly recommended to install POE anew.

Can POE Cameras Be Hacked?

POE can easily be hacked because of its wireless server design. It is vulnerable to weather and professional hackers. Moreover, an IP surveillance camera can be hacked easily and reconfigured to speak with the occupants directly, which can be very scary.

I’d say avoid being hacked by creating a strong and difficult password for your wired or wireless cameras. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Can You Plug a Non-POE Device into A POE Port?

Yes, you can plug a non-POE device into a POE port. Just the same way converting a BNC to a POE is possible, likewise the above question. When this is done, the same functions in a POE device will manifest in the non-POE device.

It has been tested and trusted. It is not just a mere statement.

We should remember that all these have the same functions, just that a POE may be much more upgraded than any of those, especially the analog cameras. It is not going to be a new act of technological upgrade, nor is it going to be a special event, as far as the POE port is identified.


Every analog and IP camera has proven unendingly to be very useful even in recent times through their special features.

However, it is no news that the POE-built CCTV camera has managed to stand out with its amazing picture resolution and high megapixels perfect for security activity.

With this news, it has become the most recommended among its peers, especially with the fact that it fits in these modern times.

Here is to you saying that if you are not tied to a budget as a business or homeowner, the POE CCTV is the best option for you, and Reolink 4K 16CH PoE Video Surveillance Camera System is the most recommended.

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