When Were Security Cameras Invented?

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Security cameras popularly known as Closed-circuit television (CCTV) were invented in 1942 by Marie Van Brittan Brown, an African-American for her home use against crimes. 

Security is very important and one major thing anyone looks out for when inside a building or an environment or when they are building a new house or renting a new apartment.

Many people make use of security agencies to curtail or control the excess of stealing and other criminal activities in their homes, offices, and the entire environment.

As time goes on, and with evolvement and revolution in science and technology, security cameras were invented to use and put an end to crimes and other criminal activities, and this would be different from what was known before.

With the presence of security cameras, even when armed men come and bugle a house and go without being caught, the videos and footage from the CCTV would be used to get them and justice would be served.

A Brief History of the Origin of Security Camera

It all started in the 1920s and 1930s when video cameras were newly conceived for the sole purpose of being used for television productions.

This is to say that the advent of security cameras came on board after video cameras were produced; video cameras paved the way for security cameras. They were used for live broadcasts for numerous events and shows.

What this means is that the imagination of having security cameras came after video cameras were invented for programs. Initially, they were never meant to be used as a form of security cameras, they were used for recording many programs and shows that were aired all over the television and people watched.

Then it started coming to mind that such can be converted to be used as a form of security cameras and by then it would serve more purpose other than being used for just recording television programs.

When Were Security Cameras Invented?

It would be dated back to the year 1942 when security cameras were invented for the sole purpose of learning about various weapons and weren’t meant for people.

The German military made use of the security camera invented to learn and observe a rocket that was launched in a bunker.

There was no recording at that time, the only thing they could use the security camera to do as at that time was to watch anything as live streaming. It was later that recording with security cameras was made available.

In the long run, the United States of America picked it up from where the German military and started it as a real wartime technology, from there it evolved into different scientists making use of it to observe nuclear bomb testing’s without them being in the thick of things.

It helped the scientists not to encounter the various dangers and challenges that come with nuclear bombs. With it, they would just stay in their convenience and watch it from a comfortable distance probably in a lab. Then in 1949, another American scientist started distributing it into the commercial space.

Who Invented Security Cameras?

The first-ever security camera was invented by Marie Van Brittan Brown an African-American. She invented it for her home use.

The invention came about after Brown, who was a nurse in Jamaica left her house during the late hours and this was at a time when the rate of crimes and criminality in her environment was climbing to a very higher rate, and there was no way to curb it down easily and quickly as everyone expected it should be done. This was one of the things that made her start thinking about making something like a security camera.

At this time, the police were so late in responding to the various crimes that happened in the Queens city of Jamaica. Therefore, she invented video and audio security cameras with the help of her husband Albert Brown who was a good electronics technician at the time.

This is to say that the brainchild behind the invention of security cameras was Marie Van Brittan Brown, but the latter part of the evolvement of the security camera was a collaborative effort of Jobs and Woz. These were the people that collaborated and invented the security cameras.

When Did Security Cameras Become Common?

After the invention of security cameras, it was not yet commonly used by people or organizations, but with time both people and organizations started making use of the security cameras and they became common in the mid-years of the 1990s.

This was because the police started making use of the cameras in stations, public places, housing projects, schools, and in various public parks to curtail the excesses of what was happening at that time and to watch out to reduce the high rate of crimes and other criminal activities that were happening all over the places and country as a whole.

Later on, security cameras became more common and popular when banks started installing them in the various banking halls and other premises of the banks to reduce crimes and thefts that go on in their banks.

They were installed in stores and other places as well to discourage crimes, steal and other criminal activities. With the average video recording evidence of the security cameras, people started knowing what the security cameras are all about, and by so doing they became so popular and common in various places all over different countries of the world.

Did they have Security Cameras in the 70s?

Security cameras were used in the ’70s but not as what we know today as security cameras.

Videocassette was first invented in the year 1951, but they were not so common and known as they were supposed to be not until 1969, most house owners made use of it as a form of video recording but the process of streaming was a herculean task at that time.

The use of cassette didn’t stay for so long since it was invented from 1951 down to the year 1969.

Then in the 1970s, another revolution came up and this replaced the use of video cassettes. The method used at this time was now the VCRs, this became a more easy way of recording crimes and getting their videos and other footage needed to help for investigation and other necessary things.

This was used to put an end to crime and robbery activities at that time. Still, in the 1970s, the New York police department made use of the security cameras in various areas that are at high risk of crime to help put an end to also use to save people that have been victims of crime to be safe and move out freely.

Did they have CCTV in the 80s?

The CCTV camera was used in the 1980s as a means of curtailing crimes and other criminal activities that were spreading all over the place. They were used by the police, banks, used in parks, in many public places, and other vulnerable places where crimes were at a high rate.

As time goes on in the 1980s the CCTV camera installment became very successful and commonly used in various places where a crime was high and this became a form of checkmating them and putting them to an end.

When was CCTV First Used in the US?

CCTV was first used in the United States of America in the year 1998. It was used in the city of New York where over 3,000 CCTV cameras were installed in different places to help stop crimes such as stealing, theft, and other forms of criminal activities in the US.

From then it became far more popular and common in all open places and public parks where there are many people are seen at the same time.


Even though some security cameras record at a very low quality, they are still very important in our lives and daily living. Its importance cannot be overemphasized and should not be joked with. They are as important as the water we drink and the air we breathe. With the use of security cameras, people would be cautious of what to do and the level of crime would come down to the beeriest minimum.

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