Townhouse Motel: Cozy Accommodations in the Heart of Town

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Townhouse Motel Bishop, your go-to urban oasis nestled amid the vivacious offerings of the city center. This boutique lodging captures the essence of a quaint retreat while delivering the conveniences expected from city center accommodations. Whether you’re here for business or leisure, our doors open to a world where comfort meets convenience—a sure promise for a memorable stay.

Key Takeaways

  • Boutique lodging experience in the energetic heart of the city.
  • Urban motel situated near popular attractions and local hotspots.
  • Luxury of comfort and convenience with personalized services.
  • Easy access to the delights and necessities offered by city center accommodations.
  • Townhouse Motel Bishop—an affordable and cozy stay where every detail matters.

Discover the Charm of Townhouse Motel

Stepping into the Townhouse Motel offers more than just a place to stay; it envelops you in an atmosphere that epitomizes Townhouse Motel charm. From the moment you enter, the cozy rooms invite you into a space where every detail is crafted for comfort and relaxation. These comfortable accommodations are designed to make every visitor’s stay uniquely personal and thoroughly enjoyable. SetLastError(“

The charm of the Townhouse Motel is not just confined to its physical environment but also extends to its comprehensive service and amenities. Guests can luxuriate in an outdoor pool, ensuring fun and relaxation is never too far away. Additionally, the practical benefits of on-site parking and proximity to vibrant local attractions like the Paiute Palace Casino and the picturesque views of the White Mountain provide an irresistibly convenient and enriching experience.

The rooms themselves are a haven of comfort, equipped with free WiFi, cable channels, microwaves, and refrigerators, reflecting the motel’s commitment to providing cozy rooms and comfortable accommodations. Guests are treated to the added luxury of a private bathroom stocked with complimentary toiletries, enhancing the home-away-from-home feel.

Room Type Amenities Rate per Night
Queen Room with Two Queen Beds Microwave, Refrigerator, Free WiFi $99
King Room Shower, Cable Channels, Free WiFi $129
Cozy King Room Flat-screen TV, Private Bathroom, Free WiFi $139

Whether you are seeking a peaceful retreat after a day of exploring Bishop’s local attractions or simply a comfortable spot to unwind, the Townhouse Motel charm, cozy rooms, and hospitable atmosphere ensure a memorable and delightful stay for all guests.

Unbeatable Location: Convenience Meets Comfort

Choosing a centrally located motel can drastically enhance your travel experience, and that’s precisely what you get at Townhouse Motel. Nestled in the bustling heart of the city, this town center lodging combines sheer convenience with utmost comfort, making it an ideal choice for both leisure and business travelers. Its strategic location not only saves time but also allows you to immerse yourself fully in the local lifestyle.

Being a centrally located motel, Townhouse Motel provides effortless access to numerous attractions, from vibrant marketplaces and cultural landmarks to a variety of dining venues and entertainment spots. This accessibility ensures that everything you might need or want to explore is just a stone’s throw away, making it a prime destination for those who appreciate convenience.

For travelers who require accessible accommodations, Townhouse Motel stands out as a top option. It offers facilities designed to accommodate all guests, including those with specific accessibility needs, ensuring a seamless and inclusive experience for everyone. Its commitment to comfort and accessibility makes it a compassionate and welcoming place to stay.

centrally located motel

Moreover, the value of staying in this town center lodging extends beyond mere location. It encapsulates a unique blend of local charm and modern amenities, providing a retreat that feels both cozy and conveniently modern. Whether you’re visiting for a quick business trip or a longer vacation, the Townhouse Motel enriches your stay with both its prime positioning and its warm, hospitable environment.

Amenities That Make a Difference

At the Townhouse Motel, every feature and amenity is crafted to enhance your stay, turning a simple getaway into a memorable experience. From the convenience of on-site parking to the leisure of an outdoor swimming pool, guests are treated to a range of complimentary amenities that stand out among the rest.

Outdoor Pool: A Refreshing Escape

Imagine a day spent exploring the vibrant streets and historic landmarks nearby, and returning to the tranquility of a sun-soaked outdoor swimming pool. Here, the water is always inviting, offering a cool, refreshing escape from the bustling city life. It’s not just a place to swim; it’s an oasis where you can relax, unwind, and rejuvenate during your stay.

Complimentary High-Speed Internet Access

Whether you need to catch up on work, share your travel experiences online, or stream your favorite shows, the complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi at the Townhouse Motel ensures you stay connected at all times. This indispensable amenity serves both leisure and business travelers, providing the convenience and accessibility essential in today’s digital age.

Free On-Site Parking for All Guests

The availability of free on-site parking adds another layer of comfort to your stay, removing the hassle related to car safety and extra parking fees. Guests appreciate the ease of access and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their vehicles are secure and close by, allowing more time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the area without worry.

These thoughtfully considered amenities at the Townhouse Motel not only cater to your comfort and convenience but also enhance your overall travel experience, ensuring that every aspect of your stay is nothing short of exceptional.

Rooms Tailored to Your Comfort

At Townhouse Motel, your comfort is our top priority. Our tailored guestrooms are designed with both functionality and relaxation in mind. Guests can choose from a variety of sleeping arrangements and amenities to match their individual needs and preferences.

tailored guestrooms

Queen Rooms with Modern Amenities

For those who prefer a cozy yet functional space, our Queen Rooms are equipped with all the essentials. These rooms feature modern amenities including microwaves, refrigerators, and cable TV channels, ensuring that you have everything you need for a comfortable stay. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, these rooms offer a seamless blend of convenience and comfort.

King Room: A Touch of Luxury

If luxury is what you seek, our King Suite will not disappoint. These suites provide ample space and enhanced comfort, allowing guests to indulge in a more opulent experience. From plush beddings to elegantly appointed furnishings, every detail in our King Suite is designed to provide an unrivaled sense of luxury and tranquility during your stay.

Bishop: A Gateway to Natural Wonders

Set against the backdrop of the Eastern Sierra, Bishop beckons as a vibrant portal into realms of spectacular scenery and vibrant cultural experiences. Its unique position near the Sierra Nevada provides visitors with a blend of natural wonders and a serene city park oasis, perfect for discerning travelers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Bishop attractions

Nearby Attractions: From Ranger Stations to Galleries

From the rustic allure of White Mountain Ranger Station, offering a glimpse into the wilderness management, to the artistic enclaves like the Mountain Light Gallery that showcase breathtaking landscape photography, Bishop serves as a central hub for an array of enriching experiences. These Bishop attractions not only enhance the city’s charm but also entice visitors to delve deeper into its multifaceted appeal, creating a fulfilling travel itinerary.

Bishop City Park: A Green Retreat

In the heart of the city lies the peaceful Bishop City Park, a verdant refuge amidst the bustling activity. This park stands as a testament to the city’s dedication to preserving natural beauty and providing spaces for relaxation and leisure. Here, locals and travelers alike find a tranquil oasis, where the rustle of leaves and the soft chime of park bells blend to create a relaxing city park oasis, inviting one to pause and savor the serene environment.

Whether you are attracted to Bishop for its natural wonders, the rich tapestry of cultural experiences, or simply the solace found in a beautifully maintained park, this enchanting town promises memorable moments and captivating discoveries.

Local Culinary Delights Within Walking Distance

The Townhouse Motel offers more than just comfortable lodgings; it is a gateway to the savory world of local cuisine and culinary delights just steps away from your room. The surrounding neighborhood is abundant with walking distance restaurants, each presenting unique dishes that capture the essence of local flavor.

Embark on a gastronomic journey where quaint cafes and bustling eateries compete to offer the most tantalizing meals, all conveniently accessible from the motel. This proximity to delicious dining is not only a testament to the location’s appeal but also a significant convenience for food enthusiasts keen to indulge in authentic experiences repeatedly.

Exploring local dining options offers a delightful break from the typical hotel meal routine, providing insights into the town’s culinary culture with every dish recommended by friendly locals. Whether you’re craving an early morning artisan coffee or a sumptuous dinner under starlit skies, these dining havens are ready to impress without requiring extensive travel.

The list below highlights some categories of culinary delights available within a pleasant stroll from the motel:

  • Charming local coffee shops offering freshly-brewed selections
  • Gourmet restaurants featuring seasonal menus and fine wines
  • Casual diners with hearty, comfort food
  • Specialty eateries focusing on health-conscious and alternative diet options

Aligning our commitment to an enjoyable stay, guests at the Townhouse Motel are encouraged to explore these nearby destinations. Whether visiting for business or leisure, your stay includes the promise of memorable meals in a vibrant atmosphere, offering more than just sustenance but a taste of local life itself.

So, indulge in myriad culinary delights as part of your experience at Townhouse Motel, and let each meal enhance your appreciation for the rich local cuisine made available just a few steps away. These walking distance restaurants aren’t only convenient; they represent a key part of the local lifestyle and local allure.

Exclusive Deals and Comfort Without the Price Tag

At Townhouse Motal, experiencing affordable comfort doesn’t mean compromising on quality. We’re dedicated to providing guests with exclusive motel deals that make your stay not just enjoyable but also incredibly budget-friendly.

affordable comfort at Townhouse Motel

Whether you’re passing through for business or exploring the city for leisure, discovering a budget-friendly stay that offers both convenience and comfort is paramount. This is why our specially crafted deals are designed to ensure you receive the best value during your stay.

To further enhance your savings, we’ve partnered with Super 8 by Wyndham hotels, where perks like earning up to 15,000 bonus points and enjoying up to 20% off for stays of three or more nights become accessible. Military members and their families are also appreciated with a 15% discount at locations across the U.S. and Canada, ensuring that we honor those who serve with exclusive motel deals.

For those who value convenience mingled with affordability, Townhouse Motel is a beacon of affordable comfort. We uphold a promise to our guests: a comfortable, welcoming stay that respects your budget, backed by the reassurance of the lowest price guarantee when booking directly with us.

Embrace the comfort of a well-appointed room and the pleasure of extra savings at Townhouse Motel, where exclusive motel deals meet quality, setting the stage for a memorable and budget-friendly stay.

Travel Made Easy: Accessibility and Convenience at Townhouse Motel

For those who value hassle-free travel, Townhouse Motel offers not just a place to stay but a promise of convenience right from the moment you arrive. The motel’s location as an easy access motel ensures that getting there is as stress-free as you’d imagine, with simple directions and a well-connected route.

Effortless Check-In/Check-Out Experience

Embarking on your stay at Townhouse Motel begins with a seamless check-in process designed to get you into your room without a hitch. The front desk is staffed with professionals who ensure that your arrival and departure are smooth and swift, perfect for travelers who appreciate efficiency.

How to Reach Townhouse Motel

Located centrally, Townhouse Motel is easily accessible by various modes of transportation. Whether you’re coming from the airport, the train station, or driving in yourself, you’ll find clear signage and straightforward routes leading you to the doorstep of convenience and comfort.

  • From the Airport: A direct route with shuttle services available.
  • By Train: Nearby stations with taxi stands to provide quick transfers.

Every aspect of your experience at Townhouse Motel, from the moment you plan your trip to the time you check out, underscores a commitment to hassle-free travel. Remember, easy access doesn’t just define the physical reachability but also enhances the entire journey, making every moment at Townhouse Motel effortless and enjoyable.

Leisure and Recreation: Amenities for a Relaxing Stay

At the heart of a truly relaxing stay, the availability and quality of leisure amenities and recreational facilities play a crucial role. Townhouse Motel excels in providing a variety of recreational outlets that cater to the relaxed, leisure-filled desires of our guests. The centerpiece, our inviting outdoor pool, offers a tranquil retreat for both leisure-seeking vacationers and business travelers needing a peaceful respite from their busy schedules.

Surrounding the motel, guests find a slew of opportunities to engage in restful activities or energizing recreation. For those inclined towards golf, a picturesque golf club nearby allows guests to hit the links in a serene environment. Meanwhile, for those who wish to explore the natural vistas, ample hiking trails and scenic walks ensure that everyone’s preference for outdoor adventures is met.

Beyond the basic provision of space and amenities, Townhouse Motel integrates unique offerings that enhance any stay. A table below illustrates some of these unique recreational facilities that not only promise but deliver a fulfilling and relaxing stay:

Recreational Facility Available Unique Feature
Outdoor Pool Yes Sunset views and heated for year-round access
Nearby Golf Club Yes Discounted access for guests
Natural Trails Yes Guided weekend nature walks
Leisure Activities Yes Weekend yoga sessions in the garden

Each of these facilities not only supports a relaxing stay but enriches the overall guest experience at Townhouse Motel. Whether it’s taking a dip in our sunlit pool, playing a round of golf, or joining a morning yoga class, the options are tailored to foster relaxation and recreation.

Enhancing our leisure amenities, Townhouse Motel remains committed to ensuring every guest finds pleasure and relaxation amidst their travels. Our understanding of the intrinsic value of recreational facilities aids us in crafting stays that are not just comfortable but truly rejuvenating.

Townhouse Motel: A Guest-centric Approach

At the heart of Townhouse Motel’s success is a commitment to providing guest-centric lodging. Striving to meet the diverse needs of every visitor, the motel has set a standard in offering tailored experiences that prioritize customer satisfaction. Focused on delivering exceptional visitor-focused service, each interaction and facility at Townhouse Motel is designed with the guest’s comfort and preferences in mind.

Tailoring Experiences for Every Visitor

Understanding that each guest’s needs are unique, Townhouse Motel emphasizes the creation of personalized experiences. From the moment of check-in, visitors are welcomed into a space that reflects their specific desires and requirements. The tailored experiences are not just confined to room amenities; they extend to providing customized recommendations for local dining, entertainment, and attractions.

Satisfaction at the Heart of Our Service

Dedication to customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of operations at Townhouse Motel. This approach permeates all aspects of the service, from the strategic design of the rooms to the thoughtful amenities provided. The aim is consistently centered on enhancing the stay of every guest, making each visit memorable and comfortable.

To illustrate the extent of their commitment to accessibility and comfort, here’s an overview of the features available in their ADA-compliant rooms:

Feature Description
Door Widths 32-inch wide openings for guestrooms, bathrooms, and interior doors.
Path of Travel Minimum of 36 inches around and between beds.
Roll-In Showers Equipped with grab bars, a shower seat, and hand-held shower wand.
Accessible Sink and Toilet Sink with 29-inch high clearance and raised toilet positioned 18 inches from the wall.
Visual and Physical Aids Lowered closet bars, visual alarms, closed caption TVs, and accessible power outlets.

The comprehensive accessibility features ensure that all guests, regardless of their physical abilities, can enjoy a comfortable and convenient stay at Townhouse Motel. By focusing on guest-centric lodging, tailored experiences, and high customer satisfaction, Townhouse Motel not only meets but often exceeds the expectations of its visitors, providing a truly welcoming and accommodating environment.


As we consider our final thoughts on Townhouse Motel, it’s important to reflect on the series of events that have unfolded, impacting its standing within the Sunnyside community. The Sunnyside City Council’s recent decision to postpone the verdict on the business license indicates the complexity of the situation. Despite undeniable challenges, including the 2019 inspection revealing substandard rooms and criminal activity, there have been concerted efforts by the motel’s owners to invest over $8,000 in essential electrical repairs and address issues of security and trespassing.

The council’s options were not taken lightly, with an accommodating stay for guests weighed against the concerns for public safety and wellness. Even as the city staff recommended license revocation due to persisting problems, community members like Elizabeth Gates voiced concerns about exacerbating Sunnyside’s housing and crime crisis. Nevertheless, the majority of council members, led by Mayor Dean Broersma, stood firm on the decision to revoke, signaling an imperative for rigorous standards and regulations to maintain healthy living conditions.

Amidst the contention, the Town House Motel’s commitment to compliance and improvement is noteworthy, embodying a promise of a memorable lodging experience in the future. The call for a follow-up inspection before the next meeting and the owners’ pledge to make necessary repairs show a path towards redemption and revitalization. While the final chapter for Townhouse Motel remains unwritten, it serves as a prudent reminder of the delicate balance between providing a hospitable environment for guests and upholding the integrity of the community it serves.


What type of accommodations does Townhouse Motel offer?

Townhouse Motel offers boutique lodging in comfortable accommodations including cozy Queen Rooms and a luxurious King Room, all equipped with modern amenities.

How central is the location of Townhouse Motel?

Townhouse Motel is centrally located in the city center of Bishop, offering convenient access to local attractions, restaurants, and entertainment, making it an ideal urban motel experience.

What amenities are available at Townhouse Motel?

Guests at Townhouse Motel can enjoy a variety of complimentary amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool, high-speed Wi-Fi, and free on-site parking to enhance their stay.

Are there dining options close to Townhouse Motel?

Yes, a host of local culinary delights, from cafes to fine dining, are within walking distance of Townhouse Motel, offering guests a taste of local cuisine without venturing far.

Does Townhouse Motel offer any special deals or rates?

Townhouse Motel provides exclusive deals and offers a budget-friendly stay, boasting affordable comfort that doesn’t compromise on quality or convenience.

What can I expect in terms of check-in and check-out at Townhouse Motel?

Guests at Townhouse Motel are treated to a smooth and effortless check-in and check-out experience, ensuring hassle-free travel and a seamless stay from beginning to end.

How is the customer service at Townhouse Motel?

Townhouse Motel is dedicated to delivering guest-centric service, tailoring experiences to meet individual needs, and ensuring customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything they do.

What nearby attractions can I visit while staying at Townhouse Motel?

Bishop serves as a gateway to many natural wonders and cultural experiences. Stay at Townhouse Motil for easy access to attractions like White Mountain Ranger Station, Mountain Light Gallery, and the serene Bishop City Park.

Does Townhouse Motel cater to business travelers?

Yes, with amenities like high-speed internet access and a central location, Townhouse Motel is well-suited for business travelers looking for a comfortable and connected stay in the heart of Bishop.

Is there a swimming pool available for guests?

Absolutely, Townhouse Motel features an outdoor pool where guests can relax and enjoy a refreshing swim, providing a tranquil escape in the midst of the vibrant city atmosphere.

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