Does a Bedroom Have to Have a Window?

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Your bedroom is the room mainly used for sleeping and sometimes studying ( if you don’t have a study room). When it comes to building, there is always a plan for each room in the house.

Not only do you just draw a plan for the rooms, but you must also follow the codes of building in your state in building the rooms. There are rules guiding safety, lighting, ventilation in the rooms especially the bedroom.

There are times when the house might not contain the residents and you need to convert some rooms to a bedroom to accommodate people or even divide some big rooms. The room you’ve created or you are using might not have a window. So if this is the case, you might be worried and asking: Does a bedroom have to have a window?

According to Chapter 3 of the International Residential Codes (IRC), a bedroom used for sleeping purposes must have at least one or two windows for light, ventilation, and emergency escape to be legally considered a bedroom.

It is actually very important for a bedroom to have a window. And this is firstly for safety reasons then for other things like ventilation, natural view, and natural lighting during the day.

Also, some states codes require that the bedroom must have two means of egress. Many house owners use the door as the second egress. The importance of a window in a bedroom is determined by the codes in the state your house is located.

What is a Bedroom?

The bedroom is a private room in the house that is mainly used for sleeping. The bedroom is occupied with beds, wardrobes, dressers and sometimes it might have a personal bathroom.

These days, many house buyers prefer a bedroom with a closet. The real estate agents also prefer to list houses that the bedrooms have closets. They are sold for higher prices than houses with no closet.

According to the International Residential Codes (IRC) which is modified by some states, there are requirements to be followed bed a bedroom is called a bedroom.

There’s the specific size the room must be. The window should be of specific inches. A bedroom is very important in the home as it is the place to rest from all the day’s stress.

Does a Bedroom Have to Have a Window?

When building or buying a house, you have to follow the building codes of your state. Many states have adopted the International Residential Codes (IRC) concerning what determines a bedroom while some have added or modified the codes.

According to the IRC, a room is considered to be a bedroom based on the size and the windows. A room must have two windows to be called a bedroom. If it doesn’t have a formal window, it must have two egress windows. This is for those that might want to turn their basements into an extra bedroom. You can check how many egress windows are required in the basement.

The reason for an egress window is for easy escape during a fire outbreak. But after buying a house, you might want to create a room out of the rooms and it won’t have a window. If there’s no way to build a window, you can have a skylight in the room.

Why Should a Bedroom Have a Window?

  • A bedroom should have a window because construction of houses must follow the codes of IRC before it is done or else it won’t be allowed.
  • Also, a bedroom should have a window for safety purposes.
  • If there’s no window in the bedroom, the occupant of the room might not be able to escape during a fire outbreak ( doors most times don’t open during fire outbreaks). The window can be a means of safety.

Pros of Having a Window in the Bedroom

Apart from the natural view, we get from looking out of the window, there are other advantages of having a window in the bedroom.


As I mentioned earlier, the window can be an emergency exit when there is a fire outbreak. This is why the bedroom should have a window. If it is going to be an egress window, the window must be wide enough for someone to go through. And it must be connected to the outside world.

No Extra Expenses

If your bedroom has a window, all you need to do is buy drapes, and furnish the room the way you want. You don’t have to start thinking of extra lighting, decorations, specific paintings, and all.
Cons of Not Having a Window in the Bedroom


There’s the kind of energy a window brings to the room. With the natural view and light, there are so many inspirations to get from it.

Low Sales Value

The sale value of your house will reduce if there’s no window in the bedroom. This is because it shouldn’t be a bedroom according to the codes of the state.

Extra Expenses

If there’s no window in your bedroom, you have to design and decorate the room in a way that won’t be noticed. Doing that, you will have to spend extra money on lighting, wall decals, metals fittings in furniture instead of woods. If you have a window in the bedroom, all you will do is to get drapes and all. You wouldn’t spend extra money.

Are You Allowed to Have a Bedroom Without a Window?

You are not allowed to have a bedroom without a window because it is part of the building codes to have a window in the bedroom. Also, the International Residential Codes (IRC) requires that a bedroom must have a window to be legally considered a bedroom.

Is it Illegal to Live in a Bedroom with no Window?

Since Chapter 3 of the International Residential Code (IRC) mandates bedrooms to have windows for light, ventilation, and emergency escape to be legally classified as a bedroom, it is against the law and illegal to live in a bedroom with no window.

What to Do if Your Bedroom Has no Window?

When your bedroom has no window, making it look the way a bedroom with a window looks will take extra effort. You will have to create the feel and atmosphere of a bedroom with a window. There are ways to make your bedroom cool even without a window.

1. Wall Decals

There are various wall decals with different designs. When you go to the stores, you’d be surprised at the various designs you will see. You can get a decal with the outside view you want. You can pick the one with a garden. The decals lighten up the house.

2. Mirrors

Have more than one mirror in your bedroom to reflect the lights on the walls and ceilings. This will create additional effects on the room.

3. Lighting

You have to spend a lot on lightings. This is because you don’t have natural light. Use ambient lights. It will create the feel of natural light.

4. Metallic Fittings

Include metals in many of your furniture. The light from the bulb will reflect on them and just like the mirrors, the metals will reflect the light back.

5. Decorations

Decorate the room like you would decorate it if it has a window. Paint it with a light color. Let the drapes, and furniture be of a light color. This won’t make the room look dull.

Final Thoughts

A bedroom without a window might not be that attractive to you. But it’s not something that can’t be worked on. If you want to create out a space for an additional bedroom and it does not have a window, put effort into decorating it and the lighting, then see your room come to life.

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