What To Do If You Put Drano in Toilet

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If you use Drano for toilets, you might be asking: What to do if you put Drano in the toilet?

What to do if you put Drano in the toilet is to call a plumber. The plumber will come to check if there are damages caused by Drano and find possible ways to repair the damages.

Having a clogged drain (partial or full) whether in your toilet, bathroom, or kitchen sink can be so annoying. The stagnant water can cause germs and start to smell if not attended to.

Grime, oil, hair, paper towels cause the drain to clog and people have come up with different ways to unclog the drains. Some have come up with using vinegar, plastic bottles, and so on.

But the popular drain cleaner used is the Drano Max Gel. This drain cleaner is colorless. You pour it into the sink and you will be surprised at how your drain will unclog.

The producers of Drano have boasted that the product works in 15 minutes. Now Drano is best used for kitchen sinks because it unclogs grime in pipes underneath the sink. Using it in a toilet is not advisable.

If you keep putting Drano in your toilet, you will destroy the PVC of the pipes and porcelain of the toilet. Even using Drano in the same sink for the same problem will affect the sink.

If you put Drano in the toilet and you think it works (there are testimonies about that), what you should do is to stop using Drano or any similar drain cleaner. The next thing you have to do is to call a plumber.

You might have damaged your toilet and you are not aware of it. A plumber will have to check your toilet drains to point out what has been destroyed. You might just have to spend thousands of dollars repairing the damaged items.

Drano for Toilet

Drano was introduced around 1923. It is reported to unclog all clogged drains(sinks, bathtub, etc). Drank Max Gel is a drain cleaner that is corrosive. When used, it sticks to the clogs and grime and melts it thus freeing up the drains for water to flow easily.

Before using Drano, read the instructions on the body. Also wear gloves, nose masks, and eye protection glasses. This is because Drano is acidic and it can cause eye irritation and difficulty in breathing when inhaled or touches the eye or skin.

When you’ve protected yourself, open the cap of the gallon. Now you are to use 1/8 of the gallon. Pour it in the sink, bathtubs. Leave it for 15 minutes. Flush with hot water afterward. The drain will be clear.

Using it for a toilet sink, you will have to pour the whole gallon into the toilet sink, then leave for one hour and flush the toilet. You might decide to leave it for longer than one hour.

Some people even believe they can leave the Drano Max Gel in the sink overnight before it is flushed. This is actually very dangerous because you have to wait for at least 12 hours before you use that sink. You can check how long it takes for toilet paper to dissolve here.

Can You Put Drano Down the Toilet?

To avoid spending thousands of dollars on repair, don’t put Drano in the toilet. When your toilet is clogged, use a plunger. If you can’t, call for a plumber. They will know the cause of the clog and how to remove it.

What Happens When You Put Drano Down the Toilet?

Putting Drano down the toilet causes damage to your toilet. Because Drano is acidic, it will melt the PVC of the pipes of your toilet and also cause the porcelain to break.

Again, it might not even clear the clog because of the way the toilet drains are built. Also, after putting Drano in the toilet, you might be tempted to use a plunger to clear the drain. By doing this, the Drano might splash on your skin. This will cause skin irritation or eye irritation if it splashes on your eyes.

You have to use cool water to wash your eyes or skin and dispose  the clothes. Drano is really acidic. Putting Drano down the toilet poses a risk to your health and can cause damage to your toilet. If you wash your toilet with bleach, you are creating toxic gases if you use Drano to unclog your toilet.

What to Do if You Put Drano in the Toilet?

You need to contact a plumber to check your toilet to know if it has been damaged and how to repair it. You will just have to spend money on the repair.

Is Drano Safe to be Used on Clogged Toilet?

Because of the acidity of the drain cleaner, you can’t use Drano on a clogged toilet. In the place of pouring it or using a plunger after applying it, it can splash on your skin or into your eyes.

  • You’ll have to see a doctor immediately if the irritation doesn’t stop even after using cool water to wash the skin area or eyes.
  • Inhaling the odour can cause difficulty in breathing. So you have to avoid using Drano. You have to be very careful when using it. You have to wear protections.

Can You Neutralize Drano?

Yes, you can neutralize Drano by mixing water with baking soda till it becomes a paste. Apply the paste on the surface and wipe with a paper towel after one minute. Repeat it again and leave the paste on the surface for about 3 minutes. Wipe the paste off.

When Drano splashes on any surface other than the sink drain, you have to be quick to neutralize it because it’s dangerous. If the Drano splashes on your clothes, remove it immediately and soak it in cold water. If not, dispose the clothes. If it touches your skin, wash it well. If the irritation doesn’t stop then you need to see the doctor.

If t touches the floor, do the same by applying the soda paste on the floor. Then scrub it clean. Dispose the paper towels you used to wipe the paste into the garbage bags. Then dispose the bags into the trash outside the home. Don’t waste time disposing the paper towels, Drano is really acidic.

Final Thoughts

Knowledge is really important because ignorance is not an excuse. If you have been using Drano for your toilet, you have to stop because you aren’t safe. The construction of a sink is different from the toilet. Using Drano might not unclog the toilet because of the trap system in the toilet. The Drano might not get to the cause of the clog because of the trap system. Use a plunger if you want to unclog the drain yourself or better still, contact a plumber.

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