Is Mr Heater Safe Indoors? (Safety Tips)

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The Mr Heater brand makes a variety of heat-related products. They have been on for so long and have become a brand that people love because of their great advantage.

In the United States, statistics have shown that 76% of Americans use Mr Heater in their homes. These products majorly are heaters and they are quite easy to set up, reliable, and great to use.

The brand majorly sells heat products used for camping and also used in the home. But the question is, is Mr Heater safe indoors?

Mr heater is safe to be used indoors as long as it is a Mr Heater product made for indoor use only. Outdoor Mr Heater products are not safe indoors and should not be used indoors to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning which can leave to health complications.

Mr heater is a portable propane-power heater designed to heat up to 225 feet. It is portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Can I Use Mr. Heater Indoors?

Yes, you can use your Mr. Heater indoors. Just like earlier said, there are varieties of Mr. Heater brands. There are some that are outdoor specific while some are indoor specific.

Mr. Heater indoors has enough heating power for rooms indoors. The heater consists of a built-in swivel generator to connect to a 1-pound propane cylinder or a hose and larger propane tank.

Mr. Heater also offers heat settings so you can set your Mr. Heater to the desired temperature.

Mr. Heater runs off a 1-pound propane tank and can also be connected to long a larger tank using a hose. What this means is that the source of power is from a propane tanker.

It is an excellent brand to use for winter. In fact, if you want to go for trips camping, fishing, or stay in an RV truck or trailer, then the Mr. Heater brand is essential to carry along if you do not want to freeze outside.

The Mr. Heater brand is absolutely safe to use indoors and not just restricted to outdoors only.

Is Mr Heater Safe Indoors?

Not all Mr Heater brands are safe for indoor use. However, it is absolutely safe depending on the type of Mr. Heater brand you buy. Depending on the type, you have to buy a Mr. Heater brand that is used indoors only.

For all Mr. Heater products, there are regulated buttons where you can get adjust the heater according to your preference.

The outdoor heater can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning if used indoors.

Tips to Follow While Using Mr. Heater Products

  • Do not use your Mr. Heater to warm food: As much as this sounds weird, it is done by many. The brand warns against using it as a means of warmer. It is not and should not be used like that.
  • While using your indoor Mr. Heater brand, do not attach a third-party extension to it. It can alter the sending and either cause the heater to burn or even blow it up which puts it at danger site.
  • Always read the manual: When you purchase an indoor Mr Heater brand, always read the manual and do not assume that the step-by-step instructions on how to use the outdoor brand will be the same as the indoor brand. The usage differs so it is very possible that the installation will be different.
  • There are always safety tips to follow and you might miss them if you do not read the manual thereby putting yourself in extreme danger.
  • Purchase and install a carbon monoxide detector: Carbon monoxide are odorless. You’ll never have the slightest inclination of a strange smell. So, the best thing to do is to get a carbon monoxide detector that will notify you if there’s a carbon-monoxide leak in the house.

What Kind of Mr Heater is safe indoors?

The kind of Mr heater to use indoors is the Mr heaters products made for indoor use only. Except it is indicated that the heater can be used both indoors and outdoors.

An example of Mr. Heater’s product to be used indoors is the F2320000 MH9BX Buddy. You can check the price of the product on Amazon here.

The feature of this brand is that:

  • Have higher features than the typical Mr. Heater brands for outdoor. This is because it makes more to produce the heater in such a way that it is used suitable and safe for indoor use.
  • It is made in such a way that the heater can detect low oxygen levels and automatically turn off.

Can I Run Mr. Heater Through the Night?

Even though Mr. Heater has been built in such a way that it is suitable indoors, it is very risky to leave it running all through the night. The heater has an open flame source so it’s not recommended that you leave running all through the night.

Nevertheless, even though there is an automatic shut-off system if the heater falls or probably tips over, it is still not advisable to run it and go to bed.

Nothing will happen to you if you decide to run indoor Mr. Heater product through the night but to be very safe and conscious of any strange occurrence, it’s best to stay up if you make a decision to keep it running all through the night.

While using it, you need to have your room well ventilated to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning when in the room. This ventilation will help you ward off any putrid smell and keep you safe all through the night.

Will I Die if I Use Mr. Heater Indoors?

Mr Heater won’t create a brand that would be all about killing people who use them. You cannot die when you use Mr Heater specifically created for indoor use.

What can result in death is when you use a Mr. Heater meant for outdoors inside your house. The carbon monoxide is bound to kill you.

Why is that? The carbon is odorless so you’ll inhale it for a long time while not knowing what you are breathing in and then, the inevitable happens because of inhaled oxygen.


Someone would ask for the price of Mr Heater and I’ll say that though the value is quite bigger than the size, it is worth it especially because of the main reason for which it was created; to help you ward off cold. If you follow the instructions on the manual, then you can enjoy your Mr. Heater Buddy for a long while.

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