What is the Average Water Bill for 3 Bedroom House?

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Water is an essential element to survive on earth. We can’t do without using water a day. Either we drink it, bathe, wash, brush our teeth, or water the garden. According to Environmental Protection Agency, an individual uses 88 gallons of water a day.

However, while water is used for our day-to-day activities, the bills must be paid. Sometimes, the water bill depends on the state. Water bills are high in some states and low in others. With this in mind, you might be wondering: What is the average water bill for 3 bedroom house?

The average water bill for a 3 bedroom house is between $24 to $60 per month depending on how much water is used, the state you live in, how many people using the water, and how dry the area is. 

It isn’t really about the size of the house but about the residents in that house. If you are just two living in a 3 bedroom house, your water bill will be lesser than the 3 bedroom house that has 4 residents. This is when your water is metered.

But if it is unmetered, your bill will be according to the size and number of rooms. You can just be two in a 3 bedroom house and you will be paying the same water bill with those that are five in another 3 bedroom house.

Do You Pay Your Water Bill Monthly?

Payment of water bills is dependent on the country or state. Many countries require you to pay monthly while others require you to pay quarterly. In the UK, you pay your water bill every six months. In West Australia, you pay every two months.

Average Water Bill for 3 Bedroom House in USA?

The average water bill for a 3 bedroom house in the USA is between $20 – $72. For example, In Florida, the average water bill is $42. In South Dakota, the average water bill is $24. In West Virginia, the average water bill is $72. This is followed by Connecticut which is $69.

If you are using a metered water system, you will be able to calculate your average water bill. However, the average water bill differs by state. The cost of water is expensive in some states along with the usage.

There are states with high water bills in the USA. In West Virginia, the average water bill is $72. This is followed by Connecticut which is $69. The average water bill is also dependent on how dry the area is.

Average Water Bill for 3 Bedroom House in California?

According to World Population Review, the average water bill in California is $65. This might not be the case for you if you have a 3 bedroom house with more than two residents especially kids who love to use water (or waste it in the bathroom).

If you now add outdoor usage to it, like watering plants, you might be paying up to $175 monthly. Taxes and fees have caused the high bill rate. So the rate at which you use water is going to determine if your average water bill will increase or not.

What is the Average Water Bill for 3 Bedroom House in the UK?

Your water bill might be combined with your sewerage bill. But if you have different companies for the two, then you will have separate bills.

The average water bill for 3 bedroom house in the UK is determined by the region your house is located, your water usage, and your water supplier. Water suppliers in the UK have their price per liter. Also, if you have a water meter, your bill will differ from a 3 bedroom house without a water meter.

In the UK, water is measured in liters, not gallons. An individual uses 149 liters of water. Four persons will use about 450 liters per day. Water suppliers like Discovery Water say the yearly average Water bill is £194.

Since many customers use the supplier for their sewage and water, the prices are combined. Sewage is mostly larger than water. Your sewage refers to waters that enter the public sewage. They need to be treated.

Anglian, a water supplier has its average water bill yearly to be £422. Another supplier, Northumbrian has its yearly average water bill to be £328. If you want to know the average water bill you’ll pay for your 3 bedroom house, contact your water supplier to know the water rate.

Average Water Bill for a 3 Bedroom House in South Africa?

In South Africa, your water bill depends on your municipality and how many kiloliters are used. 1kh is equal to 1000 liters. You will be billed for the water you use and the water that enters the public sewage.

In Johannesburg, you are charged based on if you are using a prepaid or conventional meter. The first 6kl used is free but if the first kiloliters you use is up to 50 then you will be charged. There are six categories for the water tariff. Customers will be charged a demand management levy of R26.52 monthly.

  • The first 6kl of water in South Africa is free
  • The second category is from 6kl to 10kl. Each kiloliter is R18.99
  • The third category is from 10kl to 15kl. Each kiloliter costs R19.82
  • The fourth category is between 15kl to 20kl. Each kiloliter costs R27.79
  • The next category is between 20kl to 30kl. One kiloliter costs R38.40
  • The next category is between 30kl to 40kl. Each kiloliter costs R42.00
  • From 40kl to 50kl, each kiloliter costs R52.99
  • Above 50kl, each kiloliter costs R56.79

Calculate the numbers of kiloliters you use in each category. Sum them all up. Add the demand management levy. What you get is your average water bill for that month.

In the Mangaung Metropolitan municipality, the cost per kiloliter is different but then it is still a sliding scale: the more you use, the more you are charged. From 0 – 60kl, rate per kiloliter is R24.67. From 61 – 100kl, a kiloliter costs R39.85. 101kl and above, the rate per kiloliter is R35.99.

If you will be moving to a 3 bedroom house, you have to manage how you use water. Don’t just leave a leaking tap. It will add up to your bills at the end of the month. Also, check for the water rate on the municipality website.

How to Calculate Average Water Bill for 3 Bedroom House

If you are using a water meter, it is easy to track your water usage. An average American uses 88 gallons of water a day. A European uses 149 liters a day. To calculate the water bill of your 3 bedroom house, multiply the gallons or liters you use by the price of a gallon/liter.

Prices depend on your water supplier. So you have to always update yourself whenever there’s a change in the price of water. You can even check out the average electricity bill for a 3 bedroom house here.

Why is my Water Bill so High?

Here are reasons why your water bill is so high:

1. Leakages

That faulty tap you left unattended to in the bath is wasting up to 2500 gallons per year. That would be seen as wastewater. Faulty faucets should be repaired to stop increasing your water bills.

2. Long Hour Bathe

Many times we enjoy bathing so much that we spend up to 20 minutes if not more in the bathroom. Many of us just leave the shower running all through, singing our favorite songs. Spending so much time bathing can increase your water usage. Frequent long baths daily are contributing to the increased water bills.

3. Outdoor Activities

Many of us have gardens. There are plants we need to water. Watering plants too is a way you consume water too. You might even be watering yours twice a day during summer.

4. Car Washing

Washing your cars at home every day also is consuming water. Washing the car daily without even driving it out is really affecting your car bills.

5. Guests

When you have many guests in your house especially during holidays, they will surely use water while some kids will waste the water by leaving the sink faucets. Washing of plates and clothes are all things that can cause a high water bill.

Water is good for the body. We can’t tell you to stop taking water. But there are still some things that cause high water bills. Sewer bill is what raises the water bill in many homes.

The amount of water that runs into the public sewage can be so high. Water that goes into the sewer system can be as high as 75% of the water used. You’ll keep on paying high water bills if you don’t put some things into consideration.

Tips on How to Save Money from Water Bill

Ways to save money from your water bill include:

  • Repairing Faulty Faucets and Taps: Look out for faulty faucets and taps that have been leaking and repair them. The water they have been wasting can be used for something better (like drinking).
  • Reduce Shower Time: Reduce the minutes you spend bathing. Let your kids reduce the time too. Explain to them why they can’t act their favorite movie scenes in the bathroom. Instead of taking your bath very often each day, try to wear light clothes. Make sure there is a ventilator. You can always have a porch to relax during summer.
  • Check your Baths and Kitchen often: If you have young kids, things like this are bound to happen. They might forget to turn off the faucets. So be on the lookout. Also don’t leave the faucet running when brushing your teeth or when washing your hair when you don’t need water yet.
  • Other Activities: Don’t wash clothes daily. You can give your clothes to a laundry company if you have the money. Don’t waste water while washing plates. If you have to water your plants, do so once a day.


Paying utility bills might be so tiring and if you are not careful you might skip a month without paying and this will affect the next water bill. To avoid high water bills, watch out for how you use water. Drink water every day because you need it but don’t waste it.

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