Will Coke Dissolve Hair in a Drain?

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Coke is a popular carbonated drink produced by The Coca-Cola company. It was actually introduced first as a patent medicine but now it has become a soft drink that is enjoyed by many of its lovers.

People have come up with different things to do with Coke apart from drinking. Some use it to clean the toilet bowl, defrost the icy windshield, remove burnt food from the pan, and many more.

However, the question is, Will Coke dissolve Hair in the drain?

Coke can not dissolve hair in the drains, it can only clear the drains. The phosphoric acid in Coke will dissolve the grime that contains the hair causing the hair to be washed down the drain.

Drain clogs are very annoying as they won’t allow water to flow out and it also breeds germs. There are different products that have been recommended to use to remove clogs from the drains. The issue with using these products is that they are chemical so they can affect the drains.

What Are the Chemical Components of Coke?

The chemical composition of coke is water, carbon dioxide, caffeine, sugar, caramel color, phosphoric acid, caffeine, and natural flavors.

Coke contains 90% water and for Diet Coke, it is higher. The carbon dioxide is always purified and this is what causes the fizz.

Sugar gives the Coca-Cola Classic a sweet taste. Coke’s zero sugar and Diet Coke doesn’t contain sugar.

Phosphoric acid gives the drink its tartness. This phosphoric acid can clean different surfaces like pans, toilet bowls, and metal surfaces.

Caramel gives Coke that color while caffeine gives it a slightly bitter taste. The natural flavors give the soft drink its unique taste.

This has been a secret since the time the soft drink was produced. Only the CEO and two other top officials know the secret.

Will Coke Dissolve Hair in a Drain?

Coke can not dissolve hair in a drain. The phosphoric acid in Coke is not as strong or corrosive as the sulfuric acid found in many chemicals.

Coke will only break down the grime that holds the hair in the drain. If the hair is just a few strands caught in the grime, Coke can dissolve the grime thereby allowing water to wash down the hair.

But if the hair strands are a large chunk, then Coke can’t dissolve it. You’ll have to look for other home remedies if you don’t want to go for chemical drain cleaners.

What Will Dissolve Hair in a Drain?

Things that can dissolve hair in drains are:

1. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar have been recommended to clear almost all drain clogs. To use baking soda and vinegar to dissolve hair in your drains, you can use any method. You can start by pouring hot water down the drain first or dish soap.

Pour 1/4 cup of baking soda down the drain, then follow it up with one cup of vinegar (you can also use white vinegar).

There will be a reaction in the drain. Wait for 10-15 minutes before pouring hot water down the drain. This will dissolve the hair.

You can also decide to pour hot water down the drain then pour vinegar first before baking soda, you’ll still get the same result.

If you feel the drain isn’t clear, you can repeat this over and over again. Even after this process, a cup or flat plunger will still be used to remove the hair strands left in the drain.

2. Baking Soda and Salt

Baking soda is actually a very useful ingredient in the home. Apart from being used for baking, it has many other functions which include unclogging drains.

If the first method doesn’t work, you can use baking soda with salt to unclog the drain. You can leave the salt down the drain overnight to see the reaction it will give.

To use baking soda and salt to dissolve hair,

  • Pour hot water down the drain first
  • Then mix one cup of baking soda with 1/2 cup of salt
  • Pour the mixture down the drain and leave it overnight.
  • The mixture will work on the hair to dissolve it
  • The next morning, pour two cups of hot water down the drain
  • Your drain would be free from hair clog except if the clog is a serious one.

3. Bleach

Bleach is also one of the products found in many homes. Bleach can also be used to dissolve hair clogs in bathroom drains.

  • To remove the clog, pour one cup of bleach down the drain
  • Leave it for like 20 minutes or more
  • Then wash down with hot water
  • Repeat the process if the drain is partially free

Bleach works well on hair because it is base while the hair has acidic compositions. While using bleach, be careful not to splash it on your skin. Wear eye protection and gloves. You can unclog the drain with bleach.

4. Chemical Drain Cleaners

These are chemical-based products used to unclog drains. Many people avoid these products because they are corrosive and they affect drains especially PVC pipes.

But when your clogs refuse to dissolve after you’ve used the above home remedies, you have to use these products.

They are not expensive and they work well. You don’t have to worry about it damaging your drains the first time of use. Continuous usage causes damage to the drains.

  • To use the chemical products to unclog your drain, pour the liquid down the drain
  • Wear eye protection and gloves when doing this, and this is because it can burn your skin.
  • After pouring the liquid, wait for 30 minutes or more before pouring hot water down the drain.

This method will clear your drain. In severe cases where the hair clog is in the main sewer line, you have to call a plumber to remove it. This will cost you money. Try the homemade drain cleaners first before calling a plumber.

Final Thoughts

Hair clogs happen often. To prevent these clogs, you have to prevent hair from entering your drains. This can be a little difficult but it is possible. One way is always to keep the water running while shaving.

Also, make sure you always comb your hair well before washing so that the weak strands would be on the comb instead of being washed down the drain by water and stuck due to soap scum.

Also, use a plunger or hook monthly to check if there are strands of hair in the drain. This will stop the strands from accumulating and blocking the drains. Use a drain stopper also.

If your drain is still clogged with hair, then don’t use Coke but any of the methods listed above, and when it’s severe, contact a plumber.

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