How Long Does the Average Security Camera Store Footage?

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Average security camera store footage for 2 months depending on how long a house or business owner wants it to be stored and the device and strategy used with the assistance of a security professional.

Security cameras are designed to store footage but cannot store it forever. It can be stored as long as the owner wants it depending on the SD camera space, network provider if stored off-sites, or using a hard drive.

Any of those devices can help store footage remarkably since no rule limits the storage of security camera footage. A house or company owner can decide how long, which includes a budget they are willing to go in extending the storage space in a security camera.

Do Security Cameras Stores Footage?

Security cameras are made to store footage irrespective of how small the storage design may be; it must surely keep its footage.

However, with the assistance of security professionals, the knowledge of security that a business owner possesses increases rapidly.

A clouded, designed camera is not a form of decor in your device. There are different security cameras with their distinct design of storage spaces. But all have a style to store footage no matter how limited it is.

There is the network provider security camera footage which in most cases saves up its footage in the cloud, some solely dependent on a hard drive for storage reasons, while others store their footage in analog tapes and SD cards. All of these types of security cameras provide a definite amount of space.

Multiple cameras can be another way to save up more, but you can only know what will work for you with the help of a security professional. We have been through this back and forth to make you understand how important it is to store footage, mainly because there may later be a need for it.

Imagine how much a business or house owner may be unavailable to watch their footage because of busy schedules. Still, if these footages are stored for a longer period of time to even extend to ninety days, there may be just enough time to pounce on your hard drive, SD card, or cloud storage for a thorough watch of what must have been happening on their absence.

How Long Does The Average Security Camera Store Footage?

Average security cameras footages can be stored for 30 to 90 days depending on the available space of the camera’s storage device, the help or assistance of a security professional, and how long a house or business owner wants the footage to be stored.

This is to say that the rate at which security cameras store its footages is determined by various factors such as:

  • The available space of the storage device the security camera is using; can be SD Card, Cloud storage, or Analog tapes, etc.
  • How long the house or business owner wants the footage to be stored between the 30 to 90 days range.
  • The help or assistance of a security personnel

Tasks like these are not easy; that is why a security professional has to be confided in before proceeding.

The limitless internal camera storage can be of very swift assistance to store footage for an extended period. The internal camera storage may be the cheapest and easiest.

In this case, the internal camera storage automatically saves without an internet connection. This means that your funds are saved. You needn’t be dependent on a network provider that may cost you so much and be slow in some cases.

I may not have melted out the disadvantages of using an internal storage space camera because I know that all storing security cameras have their setbacks.

Another is a Digital Video Recorder, which is also known as a DVR. This device only works as external storage space because it is a device that works away from the camera, which means that it is not attached like the internal storage camera.

The DVR is more of an analog device that can be wired to a security camera. This device automatically saves footage without stress and attention. It is swift and can still be tempered with.

Moreover, it is important to note that a DVR has a bigger and higher storage space than an internal storage camera.

In other news, cloud storage is a wireless storage space strictly in business through an internet connection where video footage is automatically saved to an off-site.

This storage space can only work beautifully with an accurate internet connection. I cannot overemphasize how hard it is to maintain, especially as it consumes funds due to monthly or yearly subscriptions. Nevertheless, you can decide to buy a security camera that doesn’t require a subscription.

All these devices are exceptional in their ways. A business or house owner should check out what will work best for them and see that it works effectively for security purposes.

Adjustments like video compressions and reductions of portraits or low-quality video from the security camera can be made to manage a camera storage space.

But be rest assured that the low-quality videos are not advisable because it may be hard to clearly see people’s faces in the video when needed for security checks. You don’t need footage that will make it very hard for you to see the culprit’s face in case of a crime incident.

Importance of Storing Security Camera

Security cameras act as a deterrence for criminal activities in a company or home. But beyond deterring criminals, which could also be a staff of an establishment, it helps to monitor and keep records of what is happening and what must have happened in an establishment.

The trusted nature of security cameras also helps and serves as evidence in a court of law. I mean, an archive of security footage should be built in every business organization and home.

Also, if businesses are monitored accurately by storing camera footage, a business owner will know and understand how sales are coming through and how quickly to restock some products.

It Helps to Keep Records

Not just as a watch out for crimes that happen in an establishment but how the business had been moving, whether fast or slow, the setbacks, etc., and helps to be well acquainted with sales of certain products and movements.

We call them security cameras, but they do more than deterring criminals. They act as eyes on a business or home. These records will be made and can be archived for future purposes.

Serves As Evidence

If a business owner has been unavailable due to busy schedules or a job, they may not be available for months to have seen what goes on even between the staff in their establishment.

Storing footage helps keeps a business owner up to date as it exposes the happenings in the business. A crime committed may have gone unnoticed for months and unseen by the staff, but on the opening of stored recordings of footage, these criminals will face the wrath of the law.

Peace of Mind

It brings peace for a business owner that may have other engagements, jobs, or businesses they manage in other places. There’s this peace that comes with knowing your business is watched constantly and stored up only for your eyes. You will not fret and be constantly worried about happenings in your business. Justice is never late.

Do Security Cameras Delete Footage?

Yes, security footage can be deleted automatically if the storage spaces are full to enable the newest recorded footage to have enough space to store itself. That’s why it’s important to set up a backup so that you can retrieve the footage even after it is deleted.

It is just like a phone’s internal memory when full; it malfunctions and automatically deletes docs, videos, pictures, etc., to create space to collect new data and reset itself.

It is just the same as a DVR and an SD storage device. These hard drives automatically delete when corrupted too. One can only be pained when no backup was set to retrieve lost data.

This is why business and house owners that are security conscious are advised to create a backup to a Google drive or the cloud storage. This way, there will be no need to panic about your automatically deleted, supposedly lost data. Backing your files are part of security camera maintenance; it is essential.

Importance of Security Cameras

Insecurity is all the reason in the world to install a security camera in a home or business place. It incredibly serves as a monitor for kids, pets, surroundings, etc.

Below are the importance of security cameras:

  • A salient Eye: Make it as though you are present in your property. It is your abstract eye. Keeps you abreast with movement, acts, etc., on your property. This eye makes you less worried about your wooden window or your babysitter over your kids.
  • A monitor: It provides you the ability to monitor and control what goes about in your business or home. Yes, I said control. When a staff is about to make a mistake or when a house helps sleep overcooking with gas, they can be called to order on the watch. You can read how to get security footage from gas stations here.
  • Prevent Criminal Activity: As has been stated before, security cameras’ importance cannot be over-emphasized when instilling fear in potential criminals. On the sight of a security camera, customers may even be scared to cough wrongly not to think about shoplifting.

Final Thought

Securing a home or property had only advanced with years. No one is ready to leave its business, kids, and pets at risk of being tampered with. Security authorities cannot be funded to be everywhere in any part of the world. So, it is up to you to use your money in purchasing equipment that will deter criminals or evildoers from your premises.

Storing security footage can keep one abreast of the happenings in and around your valuables, so the question of how long does the average security camera stores footage depends on how you want it but between 30 to 90 days, that is, 1 to 3 months.

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