Ring Doorbell Pro Light Not Spinning? (Best Ways to Fix It)

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There is nothing as comforting as knowing that you are safe. It is even more comforting when you know your house is safe when you are on vacation. You don’t have to worry if the delivery guy dropped the package, if a friend came over, or about the suspicious person walking around your house.

This is made possible by the video doorbell beside your front door. You are able to know those who came to your doorstep when you are around and when you are not.

Since you can install the ring doorbell pro, you might become disturbed when you notice that the doorbell light is not spinning. This raises the question: Why is the Ring doorbell pro light not spinning?

The reason why the Ring doorbell pro light not spinning is because of a power issue, battery issue, or if it is hardwired. The ring doorbell pro must be connected to a 16-volt AC transformer for the light to spin. If the power is not enough, the light won’t spin. 

Features of Ring Doorbell Pro Light

The ring doorbell pro light has different patterns. These patterns help us to understand the state of the doorbell. With the light, you will be able to detect any issue with the doorbell. The lights are the LEDs around the button on the front surface of the ring doorbell pro. They either go blue, white, or red.

Ring Doorbell Pro Lights and their Meaning

  • The LEDs spin blue when you press the button.
  • After setting up, the doorbell will try to connect to a temporary WiFi on your phone. If it doesn’t see any saved WiFi credential, the LEDs start to spin white. After 10 minutes, it will time out.
  • When the doorbell sees a WiFi connection and it’s trying to connect, the LEDs emit blue lights that move upward continuously.
  • When the update is in progress, the LEDs emit a white light that goes on and off.
  • When the doorbell is booting, the blue light flashes on and off.
  • When the speaker is on, there’s a solid blue light. You can speak over the phone to your visitors.
  • When the doorbell has been successfully set up, four LEDs flash four times. It will be followed by blue light.
  • When there is a failure in the set-up, the white light at the top side of the button starts flashing continually. This means there is an error in the password.
  • If the white light flashes at the right side, it means the doorbell couldn’t connect to the Ring network.
  • If the white flash is on the left side, it is for another reason.
  • There will be a top half blue flashing when the device is charging after it has connected to the power.
  • There will be the down half flashing red when the power is low.

Why is my Ring Doorbell Pro Light Not Spinning?

After fixing your doorbell yourself, you might become concerned if you notice that it is not spinning either blue light or white light. Since I’ve talked about what each light means, when you are not seeing any light, it means the doorbell is not in the set-up mode. You have to reset it.

Another reason might be low power. If you are using your former doorbell alongside the Ring doorbell pro, then your doorbell pro won’t be getting enough power. The doorbell pro must be connected to a 16-volt AC transformer to come up. It might also be that there’s an electricity spike that is making your router not work.

How to Fix Ring Doorbell Pro Light Not Spinning?

Here is how to fix Ring Doorbell Pro Light not spinning:

Step 1: Check the Voltage of the Doorbell

To check the voltage of the doorbell, go to your Ring app. Click on Device Health. Click on the voltage setting; you can also search for it. You will know if your Ring doorbell has enough power. If it doesn’t, you will see the voltage it’s using. The ring doorbell needs between 16 volts and 24 volts to function well.

Step 2: Check if the Doorbell is in Setup Mode

The Ring doorbell pro enters the setup mode automatically when it is powered. If yours doesn’t then you have to reset it. To reset it, press the orange button without holding it down; release immediately you press the button. Turn off the doorbell and turn it on again. The doorbell should enter the setup mode.

If it does not, then you have to do a hard reset. To do a hard reset, press the orange button but hold it down for 20 seconds then release it. The light will blink which means the doorbell is restarting. Once it’s done, it will enter setup mode.

Step 3: Check if the Doorbell is Connected to the WiFi

Your Ring doorbell pro light might not be spinning because it is not connected to the WiFi. To know if it’s connected, open your Ring app. Click on Device Health and check the network header. If it’s showing offline, it means the doorbell is disconnected from the WiFi.

Check if your connections are connected and if the lights on the front panel of the router are green. Check for other WiFi devices that are not connected to the network.

Disconnect your router for 30 seconds and reconnect it. The doorbell should reconnect automatically. Press the side button to put the doorbell in the setup mode. After 10 seconds, press the side button again to check if your doorbell is connected to the WiFi. Make sure the router has internet assess to avoid the WiFi connected but no internet access.

If none of these steps work, you have to contact the Ring’s Customer Support team

What Are the Features of Ring Doorbell Pro?

Ring doorbell has many good features that make it to be loved by people. The first is that it is hardwired. You don’t have to be worried if the battery is low and you have to charge it.

For the DIY guys, you will love this, because you can install it yourself. This will take a maximum of 20 minutes.

With the doorbell connected to your phone, you will get notifications if anyone is at your doorstep. You can talk to them over the phone or just allow Alexa to take care of them. Your visitors can also drop messages if you ask them to.

1. HD video with Night vision

The Ring doorbell pro has a camera that has 1080P resolution. They can give you the video clearly. Also, you can get a bird high view. Not only that, it shows the visitors from head to toe. It can also see clearly at night.

2. Two way Talk

You can hear whatever your visitor is saying clearly on your phone. Not just that, you can respond to them. You can talk to them over the phone.

3. Motion Detections and Alerts

The Ring doorbell pro can detect motions. It will send a notification to you of unusual movements in front of your house.

4. Control from Ring app

You can control everything from your Ring app. You can record the live video of anything happening in front of your doorstep. You also review the videos and audio. You can decide to turn off your notification and go back later to check for the last activities. You can also share with the neighbors and friends and inform them of anything suspicious.

5. Quick Replies

By setting up the Alexa greetings, you can leave six different replies for your visitors when they come over to your place. You can tell them to drop a message through Alexa.

6. Interchangeable Faceplates and Other Accessories

You don’t have to stay with just the faceplates that came with the Ring doorbell pro. The doorbell has four colors of interchangeable faceplates. They are silver, gray, black and cream. There are accessories that come with the doorbell. Accessories like a screwdriver, bell wires, and so on.

How to Properly Set Up Ring Doorbell Pro After Purchase?

When you unpack your Ring doorbell pro, remove the faceplate by pulling out the doorbell from behind. Read the user instructional manuals because your method of installation might be different due to your country if you are not in the USA. This method of installation is for you if you are in the USA.

Now, go to your internal doorbell in your house if you have one. Open the cover and look for the wires that have the labels: front and transformer on them. Loosen the screws on them a little and connect the two wires of your Ring pro power kit underneath the screws. Tighten the screw back. Remove the back cover of the power kit and place it by the side of the system. Cover the internal doorbell back with its cover.

Head outside. remove your former doorbell then connect the two wires in the wall to the two screws at the back of the Ring doorbell pro. Tighten it. If wires do not have the right heads, connect the bell wires that came with the doorbell pro to it. Tighten it with the screwdriver. Then connect the bell wires to your doorbell pro.

When you’ve tightened the screw, push the wires into the hole in the wall. Then drill the wall at the top and bottom, insert your wedge mounts and screw the top and bottom screws to the wall.

Replace the faceplate you chose on the ring. Screw the two safety screws underneath it to secure the faceplate from falling. Then you set up your doorbell.

If you don’t have an existing doorbell, you have to get a junction box and a transformer that can carry the Ring doorbell pro.

Open the junction box and connect the wires from the transformer to the wires in it. Then tie them with wire knots. The transformer will be outside the junction box and the wires from the transformer will pass through the hole by the side.

Before you do this, check and recheck the wires with a tester so that you won’t be electrocuted. Wrap the wires with the same color on the transformer and junction box together and tie them with wire knots. Cover the junction box.

Connect the bell wires to the transformer. This is what you need to connect to the doorbell pro. Place it on the wall then make your way outside.

Drill the wall so that you can pull the wires from the transformer outside. When the wires are outside, connect the wires to the back of the doorbell pro, then push the wires inside the wall.

Drill the wall so that you can screw the Ring doorbell pro to it. The holes should be at the top and bottom. Insert the wedge mounts into the two holes. Place your doorbell on it and screw it to the wall. Place the plate on it and tighten it with the safety screws to prevent it from falling off. Then you set up the doorbell.

If you are not comfortable with touching wires, you can get an electrician to help you with installing them.

Where is the Reset Button on the Ring Doorbell Pro

The reset button of the Ring Doorbell Pro is on the right side of the doorbell. Press it down and release it for 30 seconds to do a manual reset on the doorbell. 

Should the Ring Doorbell Light be on?

Yes. The light tells you of the state of the doorbell. I’ve explained earlier what each light pattern means. If you finished setting up the doorbell and you notice that the light is not on, there is a problem. This means your doorbell is not in the set-up mode. You have to reset it.

Final Thoughts

The Ring doorbell pro has so many features that you can benefit from. The cost is between $169 to $249. After getting your Ring doorbell, subscribe to the Ring app so that you make maximum use of the doorbell. You will be aware of everything going on at your doorstep even when you are away. Installing it is not even difficult. Why not get one and protect your home?

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